Law Week: Y.C. Maikyau, SAN Commemorates With FIDA Lagos


Goodwill message from Y.C. MAIKYAU, SAN; Chairman, NBA Welfare Committee, to the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) Lagos State Branch, on the 2021 Law Week of the Branch.

Learned Colleagues,

Permit me to congratulate the leadership and members of the Lagos Branch of FIDA on your Annual Law Week for the year 2021.

The theme: “African Child’s Right to life and a stable home: Towards eliminating social conflicts in Nigeria” touches on the very cradle of social institutions – the home. As a family man and a strong proponent of stable home, I will be remiss if I do not make a few remarks on this all-important theme.


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The right to life does not guarantee the right to quality living, as the privilege to shelter does not guarantee a home. Thus, whilst the Constitution and other legislation may guarantee the form, it is upon us as humans and more so as lawyers, to deliver on the substance of these rights.

We must introspect, debate, and suggest necessary reforms of our laws to better serve the Nigerian Child. We must be sensitive to, and prioritize the welfare and rights of the Child in all Matrimonial Causes that comes to us as Counsel and Arbiters.

Finally, we must continue to defend the fundamental rights of the child where violated and be at the vanguard of prosecuting those that violate them, and on this final score, I commend FIDA for always championing this course.

As we do these, we would have done a great deal of social re-engineering, thus eliminating social conflicts in our country, which are mostly born out of the breakdown of the family unit. Such is the importance of this theme.

I therefore wish all participants fruitful deliberations.

God bless FIDA!
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!!

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