According to Plato, one of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your interiors. And I will go further to say that the most stupid act that vitiates the learnedness of a learned Counsel is stay away from politics and governance because of Counsel’s mistaken believe that they are very dirty games.

It’s in view of the above postulations that a crop of learned colleagues drawn from Enugu Bar, Ezeagu Bar, Nsukka Bar, Obollo Afor Bar and Oji River Bar, with Argus Eyes came together to watch over Enugu State inorder to ensure that the dividends of governance is equitably dispensed to the grassroots in accordance with the principles and practice of democratic meritocracy… Thus Enugu Liberal Lawyers (4 Peter Mbah) came into being.

Enugu Liberal Lawyers 4 Peter Mbah as a pressure group can be described as learned individuals who advocate, promote and defend the basic tenets and ideals of Liberal Democracy. We have been following with apt attention and keen interest the current political developments in Nigeria in general and Enugu State in particular. We equally participated actively in Mass sensitization, mobilization of the grassroots and creation of awareness for choosing the best option among alternatives before and during just concluded general elections as we observed that governance is no longer business as usual.


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We were ably represented during the Nigerian Bar Association (Enugu branch) Law week, when the major Governorship candidates namely Frank Nweke Jr, Chijioke Edeoga,Uchenna Nnaji and Peter Mbah were invited for a debate and to showcase their individual manifestos. In terms of temperament, comportment, composure and articulation of his mission and vision, Peter Mbah outperformed and outranked all other aspirants and this endeared him to the hearts of the learned gentlemen of the Bar and Bench present at the occasion.

Enugu State Governorship election has come and gone but it can rightly be described as the most interesting and keenly contested Governorship election in 2023 in Nigeria and Lawyers did not just work for or support Peter Mbah for the sake of working or supporting but based on the following facts:

  1. He is the most credible, competent and capable in line with the Obidient Mantra.
  2. His past records as a man of disruptive innovation capable of creating something out of nothing.
  3. His managerial acumen displayed at the Pinnacle Oil and Gas which is second to none in Nigeria.
  4. His indepth knowledge, skills and experience in combining commerce and governance simultaneously.
  5. His promise of transforming into being the fastest growing economy in Nigeria from a GDP of #4.4 billion dollar to over #30 billion dollar within few years in office.
    Now that elections have come and gone with many uncertainties, challenges and surprises, we still believe that victory of Peter Mbah at the polls will be affirmed by the Court (s) which will be a confirmation of the people’s mandate citeris paribus even though as lawyers we are bound by the concept/doctrine of sub judice with respect to inquiring into and publication of the merits and demerits of its legal standing/status.
    However, Dr Peter Mbah is still vested with the constitutional right to form an agency of the ruling class (the New Government of Enugu State) after his swearing in into office which will be charged with the responsibility of exercising state power on behalf of the ruling class and Ndi Enugu especially the chamber of commerce, captains of industries, low and medium entrepreneurs, employers of labour, artisans, workers and Youths etc will have cause to smile because of the investor friendly environment which will result in the greatest good for the greatest number of Ndi Enugu. We’re therefore solidly behind Peter Mbah and we are ready to be part and parcel of the New Enugu State. Our Tommorow Is Here indeed.

Onochiengwu Obuna Esq.
Director General.

Eze Clement Esq.

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