Tinubu, Shettima, Aides To Spend N15.9b On Travels In 2024


The proposed 2024 Appropriation Bill under review by the National Assembly has an allocation of N15.961 billion for international and domestic travel expenses for President Bola Tinubu, Vice President Kashim Shettima and their respective aides at the Presidential Villa.

Tinubu’s travel budget amounts to N7.630 billion, predominantly earmarked for foreign trips with N6.992 billion designated for international travels and N638.535 million set aside for domestic travel, pending legislative approval. In parallel, Vice President Shettima’s travel allowance is proposed at N1.847 billion, split between N1.229 billion for foreign trips and N618.399 million for local travel expenditures.

Moreover, a substantial portion of N6.484 billion is allocated to Villa Headquarters for international and local travels.

These include N6.282 billion for international travels, N60.981 million for local travels related to training, and N140.640 million for other domestic travel needs.

The 2024 budget allocated N40.616 billion to the Villa Headquarters with significant portions allocated to capital (N12.497 billion), overhead (N10.334 billion), and personnel (N163 billion).

Furthermore, the budget allocated N3 billion for the construction of offices for Special Advisers and Senior Special Advisers as well as another N3 billion for the acquisition, renovation, rehabilitation, and furnishing of the State House Annex.

Notably, an extra N6 billion is directed towards operational vehicles with an additional N4 billion for operational vehicles and N2 billion specifically earmarked for SUVs.

Various projects within the Villa, including the rehabilitation of the Animal Enclosure (N45.259 million) and the Villa Ranch and construction of wildlife conservation facilities (N130.076 million) were captured in the budget.

The allocation also encompasses N5.128 billion for food supplies, miscellaneous expenses, honorarium, refreshments, repair of fixed assets, and computer software acquisitions.

President Tinubu’s portion for food supplies amounts to N254 million while Vice President Shettima’s allocation is N348 million while the State House Headquarters receives N430 million for similar purposes.

The Federal Government also budgeted N4.576 billion to overhaul some presidential aircrafts.

The aircrafts are the 5N-FGS engines, 5N-FGW engines and two Falcon 7X engines.

An official of the Budget Office of the Federation (BoF) who spoke to The Nation about the overhaul of the Presidential aircrafts explained that “overhauling the Presidential aircrafts engines, such as the 5N-FGS, refers to a comprehensive maintenance process. This process involves disassembling, inspecting, repairing, and rebuilding the engine to ensure its optimal performance, reliability, and safety”.

The source added: “Overhauling the engine involves thorough inspections and quality control measures that can identify underlying issues or vulnerabilities. This process helps detect potential threats that may compromise the aircraft’s integrity or function.

“By implementing necessary repairs or upgrades during the overhaul, the security and safety of the aircraft are strengthened, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access, sabotage, or technological exploitation”.

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