The Coalition Against Vote Buying (CAVB) Condemns the Widespread Cases of Vote Buying, Bribery at the Ekiti Governorship Elections by Douglas Ogbankwa Esq.


    Calls for the Prosecution of Culprits.

    The Coalition Against Vote Buying (CAVB), a Civil Society Organisation , has deprecated the Widespread Cases of Vote Buying and alleged Cases of Bribery of INEC Officials and Security Agencies by Political Actors based on reports concerning the Elections. In a Statement in Benin City on Sunday the 19th of June ,2022 , the Convener of the Coalition , Douglas Ogbankwa Esq., states thus:

    “The Coalition Against Vote Buying (CAVB) condemns the resort to vote buying for the purpose of getting favourable votes at the the Ekiti Governorship Elections held on Saturday tje 18th of June, 2022 and we call on the Prosecution of both the vote buyers and those that are bought , as they are culpable in this electoral crime , which is criminalised by our jurisprudence .The Coalition also finds it ironic, that the Security Agencies and Independent National Electoral Commission ( INEC) Officials that are Constitutionally imbued with the powers to forestall the referenced vote buying are themselves allegedly bought as there are allegations that were bribed by political actors , in order to turn a blind eye .


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    The Coalition reminds voters that if political actors give them 10 thousand naira each , for an election , they should count 365 days and multiply the 4 (4 years tenure ) and divide the outcome by 10 thousand , the result is how much each of them is worth as a human being for the next 4 years every day and they have no moral justification to complain should they steal their Commonwealth , as they have sold their next 4 years to thieves .They are then not victims , but an accomplices .Our slogan therefore is: You can buy the delegates, but you can not buy me “.

    The Statement Concluded .

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