Palm oil: A revolutionary new way to live years longer


Our bitter leaf and palm oil have been made into capsules as supplements and brought to us. Castor oil from our castor oil seed or ogilisi in Igbo, can melt growths like fibroids and the white man has extracted the oil, and brought to us to buy.

Our chewing stick is being sold as organic toothbrush. Doesn’t it bother you that a continent with so many natural and human resources is still called the Dark Continent, Poverty Capital of the world, Underdeveloped, and Backward by the same people who had ensured that she remained so while carting away her human and material resources to develop their own? Who did this to us?

No wonder Nkem Owoh, aka Osuofia, popular Nollywood actor once said in one of his movies that ‘it seems God’s apprentice, and not God Himself, made the black man,’ otherwise why would we allow ourselves to be brainwashed to this extent? Once the West says jump, we don’t ask why but how high? In this report, Saturday Vanguard examines the red palm oil, its benefits and the propaganda against it.Dr Mehmet Öz, American television presenter, author, professor emeritus of cardiothoracic surgery, described palm oil as the best oil ever.

“Palm oil is a revolutionary new way to live years longer. The red colour is perfect because I think of it as a stop sign for ageing inside and out.”

Bryce Wylde, a leading alternative medicine expert, speaking on the benefits of palm oil said: ”Palm trees contain an ancient remedy that can slow down the ageing process, fight belly fat and combat heart disease. There is a secret inside the flesh of the fruit extending the warranty of nearly every organ in your body.”

According to Professor Okon Douglas Ekpa (retired), professor of Industrial Organic Chemistry, former Head of Department of Pure and Applied Chemistry and former Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration), University of Calabar: “Apart from fatty acids, palm oil contains carotenoids which are sources of vitamin A; it contains the eight components of vitamin E (four tocotrienols and four tocopherols) and Co-enzyme Q10, a very strong antioxidant, especially for the heart muscles which other oils do not contain. These are removed during processing of palm oil. That means that the value of palm oil is greatly reduced when it is processed.

It is the most prized oil in the international vegetable oil market, the only red vegetable oil on earth as a result of exceptionally high carotene content, very stable to auto-oxidation due to the presence of tocopherols and tocotrienols, and contains probably the most balanced fatty acid composition of any vegetable oil. It has almost the same composition as body cells which are made up of about 50 per cent unsaturated and 50 per cent saturated fatty

Corroborating Ekpa, Wylde said: ”It’s unlike any other nutritive food out there. It contains carotene, the super antioxidant found in tomatoes and carrots but the palm oil has more carotene than carrot and tomato combined. It also has tocotrienols; a special form of Vitamin E, very, very cardio-protective. If you combine the two together, you are going to stop the ageing process, protect the cells and other tissues of your body.

The palm oil contains some saturated fats but it is the next miracle food. I never thought that palm oil will trump the coconut oil in health benefits. No other oil has the same antioxidant power and health benefits of one bottle of red palm oil.”

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