Notwithstanding NBA Leaders Numerous Offensive Publications against me, My Integrity Remains Intact – BoB Chairman Chief Olanipekun SAN Declares in Valedictory Speech


The outgoing Chairman of Body of Benchers, Chief Wole Olanipekun SAN has narrated how he handled offensive attacks and publications he received from certain NBA Leaders during his tenure as the BoB Chairman.

In his valedictory speech, Chief Olanipekun noted that he took the attacks with equanimity and as a price he has to pay for being who he is. He however boasted that not withstanding the attacks, he still has his integrity intact.

Part of the valedictory speech by the legal giant reads;


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“You are not unaware of the several offensive publications (to put it mildly) that certain identified leaders of the NBA have orchestrated against me and my person in the past one year, all of which have been elaborately circulated in the prints, electronicsand social media, (including paid advertorials in leading national dailies), and the deliberations on some of the publications at our last meeting of 24thJanuary, 2023. I take the attacks with equanimity. It is part of the price I have to pay for who I am, through the grace of God. It is also expected that any leader of my status will go
through unjust travails at one point or the other, but the important thing is for a leader not to quake, cave in or succumb to any unwholesome bait. I was always conscious of the fact that I occupy a verydistinguished and eminent position in succession to worthy, noble, revered and venerated predecessors–in–office. Hence, my deliberate decision not to join issues, but let me boast in theLord that I have my integrity before me, and it remains intact. Like the Psalmist of old, I can always say that: “But as for me, I will
walk in mine integrity:”

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