May I express my salutations to the Chairman Idris Kolawole Thany Esq, the Exco  and learned friends of the NBA Ikorodu Branch, on the commencement of their 2023 Law Week celebrations tagged; 2023 AND BEYOND: THE IMPERATIVES OF TRUE FEDERALISM IN NIGERIA’S CONSTITUTIONAL DEMOCRACY.

    Nigerians have the right of self-determination to freely determine their political status and  their economic, social and cultural development.

    There can be no enduring peace or security in Nigeria without political freedom. Enough of the domination, oppression and marginalization. As long as one group oppresses the others there would be strife and conflict.
    For us to Live together in peace, we must return to the  drawing board- the negotiation table for acceptable agreement by the people and for the people. Thus restructuring is imperative if the Nigerian State must  survive.


    Afam Osigwe

    Chukwuemeka Mbamala

    Chukwuemeka Mbamala

    Nigeria’s patriotism as at today is not love of the country or nation but, loyalty to tribe, and personal aggrandizement. if this continues we have no business having a federation. This make believe federalism is fraud, 419- obtaining by false pretences.

    The authors of our Constitution envisaged changes would be needed from time to time if the constitution were to endure and keep pace with the growth of the nation but greed set in and insincerity took a better part of our leaders who have thrown equity, good conscience and natural justice to the winds. The way forward is returning to the negotiation table to renegotiate. The Constitution is a document by the people for the people and not an imposed document by the military and the various dominated Assemblies.

    it is indeed very heart-warming that you have chosen such theme for interrogations during the various plenary sessions of your law week.

    it is therefore, expected that the outcome of this law week ceremony, will positively impact the legal profession, the people and serve for the betterment of the nation, as well as create an improved Security Architecture and economic growth in Nigeria

    Have a great discourse!

    Amanda Demechi-Asagba Esq
    3rd Vice President


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