Johnnie Carson is a hypocrite of Democracy.. He is one of many diplomats from the United States of America who has served as the United States of America (USA) Ambassador to several African nations demonstrating craze through out Africa under the guise propagating and preserving democracy.

Diving into the Nigerian 2023 presidential election Carson mentioned three things needed to win Nigeria’s election, namely : money , national organisation and grass-root acceptance but failed to mention the fourth ensential thing that aided BAT the president elect oh sorry I mean president select to win and that is a biased umpire the Independent National Electoral Commission, (Inec) to do his biddings .which other contestants did not have .


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I see Johnnie Carson comment as an insult on the collective sensibility of Nigerians and a desecration of democracy . If only he can be honest to himself , I dare ask , will the people of the U SA accept the out come of the result of a presidential election collated manually instead of electronically having expended over 300 billion dollar of tax payers money on BVAS and other electronic devices to ensure that result are been transmitted in real time as transparent , free and fail ? The answer is Hell no. They will not .

I ask , will Americans accept the result of a presidential election that breach their electoral laws ? The answer is Hell no . I ask will Americans accept the suspension of the uploading of a presidential election result on its online platform on the flimsy excuse that the platform was susceptible to hacking by shutting it down ? The answer is Hell no . I ask can a man like the Chairman of Inec professor Mahmood Yakubu be free after the atrocities he has committed in America ? The answer is Hell no . He will not be free because it is either that he is shot dead by angry Americans or that he and his cohorts will be in jail by now .

From the foregoing , so tell me why must the standard of democracy and civility be different for Nigeria ? This goes a long way to show how low Carson rates Nigerians and it is unfortunate and regrettable that the likes of Festus Keyamo SAN, Senior Advocate of Nonsense are busy celebrating such a man that is insulting our collective intelligence as a people . What a shame .

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