Biden : Buhari is not a model for democracy .
By Chief Malcolm Emokiniovo Omirhobo.


President Joe Biden of the United States praise of President Muhammadu Buhari for his efforts in deepening democracy not only in Nigeria, but also in Africa makes me to wonder whether the Democracy practised in the United States of America is different from the Democracy we practice in Nigeria and Africa .

President Biden’s assesment of Buhari only on the fact that he appears to be non-partisan and that he is not seeking for a third term shows how low his rating of African leaders is .
Biden could not have followed the trajectory of Buhari since 2015 because if he did he would have known that Buhari is not a democrat and a respecter of the rule of law and therefore cannot be considered as a model.of democracy .

Biden cannot feign ignorance of the fact that Buhari is clannish, a bigot and a supporter of the Jihadists Terrorist in Nigeria . Biden cannot swear with the Bible that he is not in the know that Buhari is in the habit of disobeying court orders ? Biden cannot pretend that he does not know that Buhari has the penchant for violating the fundamental rights of Nigerians to freedom of expression and peaceful assembly and association .

Where was Biden when Buhari supervised the encroachment and invasion of the independence of the Nigerian Judiciary by the removal of Chief Justice of Nigeria from office via a motion exparte and under his watch the Department of State Services (DSS) carried out a sting operation on the residence of judges ? Is Biden not aware that Buhari has institutionalised corruption and abuse his powers of prerogative of mercy by pardoning governors who looted their state treasuries of billions of Niara ? Can Biden swear that he does not know that Buhari is letting the Jihadists Terrorist off the hook while incarcerating agitators?

In view of the above , I dare say that Biden was wrong to have declared Buhari as a model of democracy because the true test of a model of democracy is some one that adheres to the principles of rule of law and not just a person that is non partisan and refuse to go for a third term . Biden’s declaration cannot change the facts .


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