Another Man Goes To My Fianceé’s Family House To Sleep With Her – Nigerian Man Cries Out


A Nigerian man has narrated his current predicament on Nairaland forum.

The man said he’s depressed after finding out that his fiancee is cheating with another man.

He wrote:

We started dating when she got admission in 2018. She was a novice and a church girl then.

There was nothing like intimacy till 2021 and that was when I deflowered her.

Since I promised my self that I must marry who ever I deflowered , I started taking care of some parts of her needs hoping that I will get financially stable and settle down with her .

She was the type of girl that everyone assumed to be an angel . I trusted her more than anything on earth .

She is too jealous that she suspects that I’m cheating even when I was not . She misinterprets everything an opposite sex sends to me

Fast forward to 2022 . She visited one day and got upset that another girl referred to me as “babe” on chat instead of saying “hi” . I insisted that she brings her own phone so I check if a guy has never called her babe

On getting to her chat , I noticed this guy that she saved as “my favorite” . They had no chats (she deletes everything) . I decided to dig deeper only to find out that this guy has been going to her house (family house ) to sleep with her . It’s not once , it’s not twice . And it was frequent the period she even said I should give her space that they were doing family prayers

The worst is that I told the mum and elder siblings out of anger. They did absolutely nothing . The mum only denied knowing that the guy comes around when everyone is out

A month later, I saw a chat of the mum asking her why she doesn’t pick the guy’s call again . I almost ran mad

She has promised and vouched that she won’t try such again and doesn’t know what came over her her .

I have tried everything possible to forgive her since no one treats me the way she does , but I keep loosing weight and falling sick by day .

I’m currently depressed and don’t know what to do again

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