8 Things You Should Never Do While Using The Toilet


The toilet is a place where many humans get infections or diseases if it is not taken care of properly.No matter what, there are some things you should never do while using the toilet for your own safety. Many people in the world, mostly Africans, do many of these things in the toilet, and it is totally wrong because they put their lives in danger and get more exposed to infection or diseases. Some of these things are harmful and can lead to death or damages. Here Are 8 Things You Should Never Do While Using The Toilet.

1. Not Washing Your Toilet Regularly.

As a human, it will be best you keep your toilet clean, learn to wash your toilet at least weekly or daily depending on how free you are. But some people fail to do things and use their toilets comfortable for weeks or even months without washing it. Such things can cause infection and other damages to the human body.


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2. Pushing Too Hard.

When you find it hard to push out when using the toilet, never force yourself or try to force it out. Because if you keep forcing it, you might end up hurting yourself more. All you need is a lot of water and eat enough fruits such as orange, pawpaw, apple etc. This will help in giving you free access to use the restroom and make things more soft and easy for you. Because when you force it, you might end up having piles because of damage to the veins in your rectum.

3. Keeping Your Toothbrush In The Toilet.

Many people make these mistakes. Keeping your toothbrush in the toilet is totally wrong, mostly keeping it close to the toilet. When you use the restroom and flush it, some bacteria your eyes can’t see fly around, and at times such bacteria might come in contact with your toothbrush without you knowing. And you might end up using that same toothbrush on your mouth. Such things can cause health complications to the body system. So it is advised you wash your toothbrush even before using it, no matter where you drop it.

4. Using Your Phone While Visiting The Toilet.

Many people are in this category. Some people have this habit of taking their phones to the toilet or even making calls and chatting with friends while using the toilet. The negative side about this is that the more you stay in the toilet for hours, the more you are open to infection from the toilet, mostly if it is not clean.

5. Dancing While Taking Your Bath Or Using The Restroom (Toilet).

It is a bad habit to dance or play in the toilet. Such things have killed many people. One wrong move might make you lose balance and hit your head on the floor or the wall. Sometimes it might even take your life if the damage is much. Avoid dancing or making silly moves while using the toilet or taking your bath.

6. Flushing the Toilet While It Is Open.

Many people don’t know of this and make this mistake. When you use the restroom, always close it before flushing. Because as you flush, there are some microorganisms that come out from your urine or feces that the eyes can’t see. And once you do that, you end up inhaling such things without even knowing it, and this can cause some infection to the body system.

7. Not Washing Your Hands After Using The Toilet.

After using the toilet, always wash your hands. It doesn’t matter how many minutes you spend in the toilet. Wash your hands properly. You don’t have to rush it, use your time and enough water and soap at least for 5 minutes. Not washing your hands after using the toilet might expose you to bacteria such as typhoid.

8. Staying Too Long On The Restroom.

Some people can even stay in the toilet for close to ours. Some end up converting the toilet to their comfort zone where they stay to read books, chat, call, and this is a very bad habit because it is not good for the body system. You are only damaging your health and opening yourself to infections.

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