2019 NBA Lagos Elections: Animashaun Declares for Chairman

Mrs. Bolatumi Animashaun
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2019 NBA Lagos Elections: Animashaun Declares for Chairman

Law is my third professional degree having earlier obtained a bachelor degree in English and Education and a Master degree in Public Administration, all from the ‘most preferred University of first choice’, University of Lagos Akoka. One common thread in the courses is that they deal with humanity. They deal with dealing with people and managing their needs in the society.

Mrs. Bolatumi Animashaun

I am very passionate about bringing succor to people. In my effort to be more equipped, I got trained in mediation skills and became a CEDR (UK) Certified Mediator. Apart from my regular general law practice as a legal practitioner, I am one of the experienced registered mediators with Lagos Multidoor Courthouse and ADR Fast Track of Lagos State Judiciary. I like to make impact on people and any environment I find myself. I love to serve and experiment my God given ideas. This is my driving force into NBA politics.

My plan as NBA Lagos Chairman is premised on 3 Ls (LAW, LOVE and LIFE)


This is our primary assignment; rule of law is our calling. This is the basis for the Association. The out- going Chairman with whom I worked closely with as his Vice Chairman has made so much mark in this area that the two years Term was not adequate to achieve his mission, hence the need for CONTINUITY by someone privy to the workings of the Executive. The Vice Chairman is the best person for the transition and continuity.

Continuous Legal Education. This is one of the land mark innovation that the Executive pride itself on. It is actually stated as one of the four points agenda of Mr. Chairman, Chukwuka Ikwuazom in His manifesto in 2017. He set up a CLE Committee under the leadership of Tobenna Members of the Branch have benefitted so much from it. This will remain and be improved on with a lot of input from him as it is expected that the Bar will still be dear to him.

Law Making / House of Assembly.

Our members will no longer be passive. Our members would be represented as observers to know what is going on and constantly update us to make our inputs on bills before they are passed into law. This suggestion was discussed with the Hon. Speaker of the House, RT Hon. Obasa when members of the Human Rights Committee paid him a courtesy call in December 2018 and he welcomed the idea.

Monthly Meeting and Bar Centre

Option of continue use of the foyer without any harassment until we get a befitting venue shall be pursued with bringing our meeting time back to 1pm.

Option of persuading the stakeholders to allow us use the NBA House near the Law School till we settle on a befitting Bar Centre shall also be pursued.

The building of the Bar Centre, which the Chairman of the Building Committee promised can be competed in 6months shall commence as soon as possible this year. I am a stakeholder with my contribution of N1m (One million naira) in two installments in 2016.

Solicit for a big bus similar to the ones owned by Ikeja and Ikorodu from the same source to transport members from Igbosere to Bar Centre in lekki on meeting days and other places.

Inaugurations of:

NBA Lagos Elders Forum (65 years and above). We need to learn from the elders, celebrate them while alive and give them sense of belonging to the Bar. The Exco will discuss more on this.

Past Chairmen Forum: – To be supportive of the current Exco. To revisit and review their unfulfilled manifestos. To form a pool to represent the Bar at some major events.

Relationship between the Bar and the Bench. The Elder Forum and Past Chairmen Forum will advise and advance on steps to be taken.

NBA Advisory Committee:– this will comprise Representatives of Senior Advocates of Nigeria, Benchers, Past Chairmen, Senior Lawyers and Young Lawyers Forum. They will monitor and advise on the progress of the Bar.

Young Lawyers Forum:- Mentorship programme to be tailored to meet their needs.
Town Hall meetings with their role models to be organized as may be agreed with them. I already initiated a 5 year plan to pay Practising fee and Branch dues of 20 young lawyers between 1-5 years post call. 18 lawyers enjoyed the initiative in 2019. This was coordinated by one of them. More senior lawyers will be encouraged to similar thing to support the young lawyers. This will be coordinated by the executive members of Young Lawyers Forum.

Disciplinary Committee – with sub committees to deal with professional misconduct as outlined in the Legal Practitioner professional conducts eg dealings with clients, behavior in and out of courts, and relationship with colleagues, dressing etc


Oneness as a big family shall be promoted. Mutual respect to be entrenched (Disciplinary Committee to play vital role). Nominations into committees shall reflect our diversity. Advisory Committee will advise on promotion of our unity.


Get sport lovers to sponsor and introduce more sporting activities. NBA football team to be made more formidable. Retreat to be organized within Lagos, outside Lagos or outside country. Link has been established for Morocco visa without stress. Law Firms can reward their hard working staff members by sending them on retreat.

Health checks to be organized beyond; the regular. Welfare Secretary and Welfare Committee members to plan for it. Massage chair(s) (donation) will be provided and uses regulated. Health consultants will be invited for specific health talk. HEALTH IS WEALTH!

Counseling Unit: A lot of lawyers are dying silently from depression. We shall compile a list of volunteer counselors and areas of specialization from among our NBA Elders Forum and other senior colleagues. The list will direct you on who to see for counseling on marriage, career, family and other silent killer.


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