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Home Governance Yoruba Youths Movement Endorses Amotekun, Gives Malami Ultimatum to Overturn Decision

Yoruba Youths Movement Endorses Amotekun, Gives Malami Ultimatum to Overturn Decision

Yoruba Council of Youths Worldwide


Yoruba Youths Movement Endorses Amotekun, Gives Malami Ultimatum to Overturn Decision

“Operation Amotekun” Yoruba Youths Endorse As Legally Constituted Community Policing Network and Declares Full Support For The Western Nigeria Security Network: Gives AGF Abubakar Malami SAN 24 Hours Ultimatum To Rescind on its “Illegal Declaration” – Aare Oladotun Hassan, Esq., President, Yoruba Council of Youths Worldwide.

Rising from her emergency NEC meeting held on 15th January, 2020 in Ikeja, Lagos, the apex Yoruba youth group: Yoruba Council of Youths Worldwide (YCYW) unanimously declares full supports for the newly inaugurated brave innovation by the Southwestern Governors on community Policing network and strategy towards fighting and aggressively tackling the rampant menace of terrorism, cultism, community invasion, rape, gruesome killings, kidnappings and other wanton act of criminality perpetrated by some dreaded armed bandits recently carried out in the wake of mid 2019 across the Yoruba Land, having earlier raised some notable concerns on the establishment of the Western Nigeria Security Network through the office of the Development Agenda for Western Nigeria (DAWN) Commission on 9th January, 2020.

According to the statement credited to Aare Barr Oladotun Hassan, President of the Yoruba Council of Youths Worldwide he said – ‘having been convinced beyond reasonable doubts about the genuine intentions of the DAWN Commission led by DG Mr. Seye Oyeleye alongside the Southwestern States Governors led by Arakunrin Rotimi Akeredolu on the establishment of the Western Nigeria Security Network(WNSN) code named “Operation Amotekun”, we hereby wish to notify the entire public that we are ready to support the successful implementation of the program in the entire nooks and crannies of Yoruba Land: Oyo, Osun, Ogun, Ekiti, Ondo, Lagos and Kogi, Kwara, Edo and Delta, we hereby endorse the community policing framework, while we seek other stakeholders such as all the Southwest Obas, Captains of industries, Elders, Senators and Reps Caucuses of the 9th Assembly and other Non-Yoruba groups support for this growing initiative which is a child of necessity at this point in time of our national lives.

However, we are aghast with the spontaneous and ill advised declaration of “Operation Amotekun” as illegal by Mr. Abubakar Malami SAN, the Attorney General and Minister of Justice of Nigeria on 14th January, 2020, invariably this was recently adjudged by both the Northern and Southeastern Governors as highly recommended, noble and laudable initiative.

We found it most absurd, crude and inciting to be confronted with the press release by the spokesman of the Office of the AGF to have declared the Southwest Governor’s actions illegal, meaning the AG does not understand the Democratic ethos and letters of the Constitution on the Powers of Mr President as the Commander in Chief Executive that has the exclusive rightful powers on Defence to establish such initiative nor on power of the police.

It is worrisome that the AGF is being used to hatch this treacherous job against will of the good people of Yoruba Land, wherein Mr Malami was expected to commend and further raise supports by creating enabling legislations that will promote our local native policing on information gathering and intelligence sharing with the nation’s security agencies such as this, which has been existing for ages even before we gained independence.

We hereby give the Attorney General to Rescind and Reverse his earlier declaration in the next 24 hours, and we shall hold him solely responsible as co-accomplice if any other killings is carried out by the armed bandits in Yoruba Land forthwith.

We have such security monitoring initiatives existing in Kano as Hisbah and Lagos as Lagos State Neighborhood Security Corps and other states of the federation, more so we had the Civilian JTF in the North Eastern Nigeria currently supporting the Nigerian Army, and in the recent time in Lagos under CP Edgal Imohinmi wherein the OPC led a joint operation with the men of the Nigerian Police to dislodge the indiscriminate killers group called “Baddo” in Ikorodu area of Lagos State and other succeses so far recorded by traditional security outfits such as Vigilantes, Hunters, Olode, Agbekoya, OPC and others.

We therefore strongly appeal and recommend that Operation Amotekun alongside other regional and state government’s local vigilante groups be supported with enabling laws and financially encouraged by President Muhammadu Buhari led federal government, in order to work hand-in-hand closely in support of our Nation’s established security institutions and architectures with community policing strategic framework, robust synergy and security mechanisms with locally recognized socio-security groups and individuals under what we called “National Joint Regional Security Network”(NJRN), as compared to what we currently have in the Northeast region under the Civilian JTF/native Hunters fortified with arms to fighting on the side of the Nigerian Army against the dreaded armed bandits terrorist group “Boko Haram” others are Hisbah groups in Kano State and the local enforcement security network in the Northern and Eastern Zones to mention a few.

In the same vein, we salute the courage and vigor that preceded the launch of the Western Nigeria Security Network code named “Operation Amotekun” by the Governors of the Southwestern State, this is an obvious utilization of thier monthly allocation particularly “Security Vote”, and we hope the vision crystallized the essence of creating synergy between our traditional established security groups such as OPC, Agbekoya, Hunters and Vigilantes and other collaborative efforts of interested individuals and organizations with the government’s established security institutions viz-a-viz: Nigeria Police Force, Nigerian Armed Forces and Nigerian Security Civil Defence Corps(NSCDC), with the authorized consent of the National Security Adviser(NSA), in collaboration with an established private Security consultancy outfits which is expected to serve as a starting regulatory point for administration, recruitments and identification/database assessment policy plan and other strategic formulation structures; all these were dutifully analyzed in our earlier policy paper such as: The Establishment of A Central Security Control Centre and Digital Monitoring Rooms in all local communities, towns and highways in Yoruba Land through the Palaces of Baales and Royal Obas and key stakeholders individuals and leading Yoruba groups across the length and breadth of the South Western Geo Political Zone and other adjoining localities.

We call on the AG to reverse himself without recourse to litigation or sporadic protestations and confrontations, and as part of immediate measures to ensure smooth and proper funding the operation Amotekun, we appeal for the continuous supports from our proposed Southwest Security Trust Funds, which will inevitably provide remuneration and proper provisions for training, purchase of advanced tech security gadgets and equipments, surveillance drones, special CUG phone lines, official vehicles and patrol vans, motorcycles and bicycles for volunteers and experienced commandants from Ward/Local Government Area to the State levels to be headed by an experienced retired security personnels in collaboration with the government.

Operation Amotekun is Legal and has the networking capacities and capabilities of spiritually and physically fortified existing groups with sole objective to secure, arrest criminals and hand them over to the police for onward prosecution, providing intelligence and surveillance services and information on dangerous black spots and criminal hideouts in Yoruba Land, most importantly to arrest and salvage any security breach by any terrorist or armed bandits groups under whatsoever guise such as cultism and other criminals to mention a few.

This are vital parts of what the outfit is expected to be gravitated with, hence their is an urgent need for a joint review with all critical stakeholders cum think-tank that will provide robust and continuous improvement on its master plan, most importantly to optimally achieve the desired results in the overall interests of all Nigerians domiciled in the Southwestern zone of Nigeria.


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