Y. C. Maikyau SAN’s Manifesto (5)



    3.1. Remuneration
    The issue of the poor remuneration of lawyers (especially young lawyers) and the corresponding challenge of the poor earning capacity of lawyers is an area to which our administration shall devote a lot of time. The NBA Remuneration Committee has done tremendous work in data collection and analysis relating to earning and wages across the country.

    The resultant report was presented to and approved by NEC at its meeting of 17 March 2022. My administration will make this a major plank of its administrative agenda and seek to achieve standardisation and enhanced standards of service delivery by members of the NBA to the legal profession in Nigeria.

    During the debate at NBA- NEC on the recommendations of the Remuneration Committee, it was clear that there was unanimity of opinion regarding the need to take positive steps to improve the current situation of undercutting of fees by lawyers, as well as deal with the issue of earning capacity & pay.

    The issue of conditions of service of lawyers in law firms and at other organisations that employ lawyers is one that goes to the root of integrity and existence of our profession. My administration will address these issues by publicising the report of the Remuneration Committee so that members of the Association are aware of the reasons for the recommendations.

    My administration shall implement the recommendations of the Remuneration Committee by immediately taking forward aspects of the recommendation that require urgent action.

    3.2. Protection of Lawyers’ Business
    Whilst the above paragraph on Remuneration and the Report of the NBA Remuneration Committee deals with the structural issues that affect the earning capacity of our members, it is clear that competition from other professions like Estate Surveyors/Agents and Accountants and indeed foreign law firms and local financial institutions constitute a clear and incessant existential danger to our profession.

    • To be continued.


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