Y. C MAIKYAU (SAN): The Man Who Carves his Good Name on the Hearts and not on the Thumbstones


Good name fetches positive impacts on both the bearer, the callers and the people at large; it potrays identity, feelings and significance to its bearer and even those who know the bearer.

It is settled and far beyond doubt that, the name “MAIKYAU” even without appreciating its meaning comes with a savour to ears that hear and to the mouth that utter it. Oops! Lest it escape my mind, the name “MaiKyau” denotes, beautiful, handsome, good to mention a few. These are names and adjectives we all aspire to be ascribed with; but, the luckiest ones like Y.C MaiKyau (SAN) get them.

Not once have I met this gentle benefactor per excellence, but, his reputation precedes him, the news of his kind, beautiful and good gestures is passionately pervading. The testamonials he recieves from the classy and the downtrodden, about his unadulterated humbleness, kindness and desire to help and mentor the younger ones calls for an ovation.

The good name and the behaviors of Y.C MaiKyau (SAN) have carved his name on the hearts with indelible marks that shall last till many are utterly forgotten.

Abdurrahman N. Salis ESQ.


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