‘I Will Be A Responsive And Responsible Enbar Vice Chairman’.


Take Notice That, I Will Be A Responsive and Responsible Enbar Vice Chairman.


Management of Men and resources is not an easy job especially when lawyers of super intelligence and sound intellectual dispositions are involved. You have to be a committed, hardworking, humble and experienced person for you to be able to convince them that you are capable of being entrusted with their mandate to hold a sensitive office such as the office of the Vice Chairman on their behalf.


Afam Osigwe

Chukwuemeka Mbamala

Chukwuemeka Mbamala

Going down the memory lane and looking at my pedigree, I am convinced that you people know that I have all it takes to be the next Enbar Vice Chairman because of my antecedent in taking Responsibilities and being Responsive in challenging circumstances or in handling daunting jobs which are briefly hereunder stated:

I have been opportune to secure an employment with the state government and have worked in the office of the SSG, Ministries Of Agriculture and Education from 2001-2006 where I proved to be a valuable asset before being transferred to the office of the Executive Governor in Government House during the Administration of Dr. Chimaroke Nnamani to be his Senior Administrative Officer in Charge of Anchorage.

2. During the Administration of Barr. Sullivan Chime, I was his Principal Administrative Officer in Charge of Admin Records and I was instrumental to employment of more than 120 qualified workers into Government House due to my honesty in keeping the Records straight.

3. After my lateral conversion in 2011 in the Ministry Of Justice, I worked with the Administrator General and Public Trustee and within a space of two years I got a Merit Award as the ‘Best Lawyer Of The Year’ 2013 which spurred me into more work and obtaining 15 definitive judgements from April 2013-May2014. And I have also served in the AGPT review Panel.

4. Apart from my normal schedule of duties which is very demanding, I have been opportune to serve in the Judicial Panel Of Inquiry into the Ogbozhinne Civil Disturbances as the Legal Adviser in 2019.

5. I have also been in the Enugu State Judicial Panel Of Enquiry On Police Brutality and Extra- Judicial Killings where I served as the Secretary to the Panel. And this is where my dedication to duties and defense of human rights especially the protection and Defense of The Dignity Of Lawyers who were humiliated by the police became celebrated and very popular.

In my manifesto, I brought out a five points agenda for moving Enbar to the next level when it comes to the Restoration Of The Dignity Of Lawyers especially Younger Lawyers who are the most vulnerable to taunting, embarrassment, harassment, humiliation or something close to assault from some of the security agencies because they have chosen to defend certain types of clients.

THE NATURE OF MY OFFICE IN THE MINISTRY OF JUSTICE GIVES ME AN EDGE OVER ALL OTHERS VYING FOR THE POSITION OF THE ENBAR VICE CHAIRMAN…… this is because I will be handy, very Responsive and will have an Express and Unlimited Access to meet with even Commissioner of police As a State Counsel and Official of the DPP on issues that deals with the rights and dignity of lawyers when at stake. It’s noteworthy to state categorically that everyone of us is a seasoned defender of human rights by the ‘nature of our trade’, so while I won’t interrupt interfere with your business of filing human rights applications, I promise to guard and defend our own rights jealously from interference from the security agencies.

Seniors, Friends, Colleagues, (Brothers “Ayar’m Onwom Ekir Onye”?), I have done it before and will do it better again if you give me your mandate which I most humbly solicit for .

Yours Sincerely,

Onochiengwu Obuna

For Enbar Vice Chairman.


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