It is shocking that in the 21st century the Oba of Ikate-Elegushi Kingdom, Saheed Ademola (Kusenla III) can with audacity and impunity declare to the residents of Ikate-Elegushi, that there would be a restriction of movement on non-indigenes and women from midnight to 5:30 a.m., including on Saturday’s governorship and state assembly election for him to perform the Oro rite in the community from Wednesday to Saturday during election .

This move by Oba Elegushi is illegal , unlawful and unconstitutional and must be stopped immediately because it is not with the backings of any known law in Nigeria .Our laws are very clear that African traditions are good as long as they do not go contrary to public policy and natural justice, equity and good conscience.

The scheduling of Oro rites during election has failed all the above test and must therefore be cancelled or postpone for now until after the elections on Saturday .


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I am calling on the civil society , the Lagos State Governor , the Lagos State Commissioner.of Police , the Inspector General of Police , the Army , President Buhari and the international community to weighed into this matter before it gets out of hand .

The Nigerian 1999 constitution Is very clear that nobody or institution has the right to violate the fundamental rights of other Nigerians to move freely , peacefully assemble and association and to freely express themselves through the ballot box except with the backings of the law. The Oro rite if allowed to go on will disenfranchise many women and many non indigenes whose sin is to believe in one Nigeria or forced into it .

The results of polling units in front of Oba Elegushi’s palace for the just concluded Presidential and National Assembly elections on 25/2/2023 was cancelled because members of the Elegushi family destroyed the polling units and intimidated voters They were arrested quite alright by the Army who handed them over to the police and nothing has been done about the matter since then notwithstanding that innocent law abiding Nigerian citizens were deprived of their rights to vote .

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