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Saturday, 4th December 2021.

The learned Silk had attended our Branch Annual Dinner the previous evening and was leaving Enugu that day, for Asaba where he was to attend a Branch dinner too. But before then he had a couple of places to go to; the elder statesman, Chief A. O. Mogboh, SAN had invited us to join him for breakfast at his home, the Chairman of the YLF Enugu was wedding that day and he was invited. These were in addition to the fact of the deplorable state of the Enugu/Onitsha Road and the legendry head-bridge traffic jam, that have collectively made journeying from Enugu to Asaba a real long journey. So the learned silk was very pressed for time that morning; he needed to be on his way as soon as possible if he had any hope of getting to Asaba before nightfall.

However, he had been informed that someone he knows who lives in Enugu was sick, so when I arrived that morning he informed me that we were going to visit the sick first before going to the other places. We got to the sick man’s house (locating the house was quite difficult and took more than half an hour of the time we didn’t have), but met his absence as we were told that he left Enugu that same morning. But the young lady, a friend of the family, who met us at the door, had a request: her friend, a daughter of the house was sick and needed medical attention but they had no means of taking her to the hospital; she asked for our help.

Without hesitating, Mr. Y. C. Maikyau, SAN asked that the sick person be brought out to join one of the three vehicles in our convoy. They did and we all drove to the hospital. When we got there, I thought we would just drop them off and be on our way, but the eminent silk had a different idea. He asked one of us (Kelechi, I think) to join him so they can accompany the girls into the hospital and be sure that nothing (money matter) would keep them from attending to the girl immediately. It was only after he had ensured that the girl was being attended to that we left.

While we were taking the ride to the hospital, I didn’t see him take anxious glances at his watch, he wasn’t looking at his watch, he didn’t grumble, neither did he show any irritation that his time was being wasted. On the contrary, he was quite glad and enthusiastic that he could help. In fact as we were leaving the hospital and driving to Chief Mogboh’s house, he said to me in a voice that couldn’t mask his fulfillment, “you know I think this is why God made us come here this morning, not to visit the sick man, but to make sure that girl got to the hospital”. I agree.

Mr. YC is a man who sees and seizes every opportunity to be a blessing to others. He is genuinely interested in the welfare others and never shies away from doing his part whenever and however he can.

Anyone who has made the decision to stand behind him, most assuredly made the right choice!

Happy Birthday once more Sir… i bu ezigbo mmadu



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