We’ve helped in curbing sponsored criminalities in S-East —IPoB


People of Biafra, IPoB, yesterday said contrary to insinuations that the group and Eastern Security Network, ESN are behind insecurity in South East, they have helped to curb alleged state sponsored armed militia activities in the zone.

IPoB also said its reason for forming ESN is to safeguard South East territory from the  terrorists masquerading as herdsmen in bushes and forests in South East and not to attack and terrorize the people.

A statement by IPoB’s Image Maker, Emma Powerful, among others,  said “IPoB and ESN rather, without doubt, helped to curb the spread of state sponsored armed militias in the South East, who are the cause of the insecurity in the zone. Our aim of forming ESN outfit is to safeguard our territory from the marauding Fulani terrorists masquerading as herdsmen in our bushes and forests in Biafraland.

“In their effort to blackmail IPoB, Nigeria government and their Politicians sponsored criminal armed groups in the South East to create insecurity so as to blame IPoB and ESN, including making money from Federal government.

“It is heart-warming that our people now know the truth and they commend ESN for securing our farm lands. Today many of our bushes are safe and secure and our farmers are happily going to farms without the threat of being butchered like wild animals or our women and ladies raped in their farmlands.

“IPoB is applying diplomatic and strategic moves in handling the barrage of blackmail and media propaganda against us by the Nigeria government. Nigeria government unlawfully proscribed IPoB and tagged us terrorists for seeking self determination of our territory. It is shameful of them that when we sued them over the proscription, they refused to come to answer the case and charges in their own court, what a shameless people. It gladdens our hearts however, that the International governmental bodies and other countries in the world know us as a peaceful and nonviolent movement seeking for freedom of our people.

“Nigeria government is still working hard to brand IPoB as a violent movement before the International community. Fortunately for us, this is the information technology age not 1967. The International community has its Intelligence sources that give it accurate information devoid of Nigeria government’s propaganda. Despite their proscription, arrests, torture, and forceful abductions in Biafra and Nigeria, IPoB still maintain good reputation with the International community, unlike the lawless Nigerian government.”

“What infiltrators, saboteurs, agents of provocateur and others  paid to tarnish IPoB’s reputation don’t understand is that, violent movements usually don’t get a round table discussion or audience with the International community. Have you ever seen any terrorist group having legal representation and engaging with global audiences?

“We have global attention because we are not violent, neither are we terrorists as Nigeria government and its compromised officials unjustly tagged us, while shielding their brothers who have rendered the whole of Northern Nigeria unsafe.

Anybody killing, kidnapping, snatching of cars and collecting of ransom in the name of doing it for IPoB or Nnamdi Kanu, is an enemy and has no part with IPoB struggle to restore Biafra. We all need to join hands with IPoB and ESN, to root out both sponsored and individual criminals in our land because criminal activities are an impediment to our freedom.

“The good relationship IPoB has maintained with the International community even with all the heavy lobbying against us is a major problem for Nigeria. That is why till today Nigeria government is still accusing some countries of supporting IPoB to destabilize Nigeria, but their efforts are exercise in futility.


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