We Are All Uwaila By Kemi Alao


How do you expect A child you flogged not to cry,
No child can bear the pains of been flogged.
Especially for crime’s he did not commit.

Such is our case.
A daughter and sister has been slaughtered and victimized yet we can’t mourn her openly less we fall preys.

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If only her father was one with flowing agbada
Her murders would have been brought to book.

Just another uwa
Who’s life was taken before her creator
And her family swallowed by misery.

She’s just another uwa
Whose dreams and ambitions was buried alongside with her
And her case file is lying dirty inside drawers.

Everyone who ranted has long kept quiet just because she wasn’t born with a silver spoon
Just another uwaila
Who is next?

Since when did our society turn hostile on the female folks.
Now we can’t even walk freely
Cause no place is safe anymore.

Yet I’m asking
Just what is our crime.
Justice is what we cry for.
We just want our voices to be heard.
We are tired of staying silent.
Justice for umoren

© Kemistry


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