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VeryDarkMan Breaks Silence: Reveals Reason Behind Arrest And Vows To Crossdress

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in a controversial turn of events, social media activist Martins Otse, better known as VeryDarkMan, has opened up about the reasons behind his recent arrest by the Nigerian Police.

Contrary to earlier reports of cyberbullying accusations, VeryDarkMan claims that his detention stemmed from a video in which he called for the arrest of popular crossdresser Bobrisky and alleged that he was being protected by gay politicians.

Recounting the events, VeryDarkMan stated, “The truth is that I was detained for the video I made calling for Bobrisky’s arrest and my claims that he was being protected by gay lawmakers. My detention is just a little sacrifice. They will still arrest me for my subsequent videos.”


VeryDarkMan, who had previously advocated for the arrest of crossdressers like Bobrisky, made headlines when he claimed that Bobrisky was being shielded by powerful politicians who were his gay partners.


However, in a recent interview, the Force Police Public Officer, ACP Olumuyiwa Adejobi, clarified that the police cannot arrest transvestites as crossdressing is not considered a crime in Nigeria.

He emphasized that without substantial evidence, the police are unable to take action against claims of crossdressers being gay, as it is not deemed a criminal act in the absence of convincing proof.


Reacting to this stance, VeryDarkMan took a defiant stance and vowed to transition into a crossdresser himself, threatening to use women’s restrooms unless popular crossdressers like Bobrisky face arrest.

“Since the police say crossdressing is legal, I will soon start crossdressing. I will give them one week after I drop my petition against Bobrisky. If Bobrisky is not arrested, I will become a crossdresser and use the female restroom,” VeryDarkMan declared.


In a surprising twist, VeryDarkMan also dismissed rumors that actress Tonto Dikeh was responsible for his detention, stating, “When I came out of detention, I read somewhere that it was Tonto Dikeh who detained me. She can never detain me, I don’t care about her connection.”

As the controversy surrounding VeryDarkMan’s arrest and his stance on crossdressing continues to unfold, it has reignited debates around societal norms, individual freedom, and the role of law enforcement in navigating complex issues.


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