UNIBEN lecturer accused of sexually harassing female students


A lecturer at the Department of Philosophy, University of Benin (UNIBEN), Prof. Tony Asekhauno has been accused of demanding sexual gratification from female students.

In a statement on X on Monday, a former student of the department named Mercy McQuin alleged that Asekhauno sexually and financially exploited her.


She alleged that Asekhauno demanded sex and other financial gratifications from her before marking her final year exam script.

Mercy Daodu describing him as “a very useless and unfortunate man” alleges that Asekhauno demanded sex from her, molested her in his office, and boasted about having had sex with several girls in the department.


Daodu recounted her harrowing experience: “That man, Tony Asekhauno, is the major reason I have not gone to collect my certificate!! A very useless and unfortunate man,” she said.


She explained that the incident occurred during her final exam period. “I was walking into the faculty to get materials for my next exam when a student approached me. He asked, ‘You are Mercy Daodu, right?’ I confirmed, wondering how he knew me, as I considered myself a low-key student. He then told me, ‘Dr. Tony wants to see you.’ I asked why, but he claimed not to know and insisted on taking me to his office himself.”

Daodu was initially reluctant, but the student was insistent. “I refused and assured the guy I would go and meet him. Then I tried walking away when suddenly this guy grabbed me by my hands and was ready to lift me, as in legit wanting to carry me.”


Daodu’s account sheds light on the distressing situation and her reluctance to collect her certificate due to the trauma associated with Asekhauno’s actions. These allegations highlight serious issues of sexual misconduct and abuse of power within academic institutions.


“I eventually agreed to follow the guy. While we were on our way to Tony’s office, the guy kept apologizing to me and told me Tony was refusing to mark his script until he brought me to his office. I was like, Ah! God Abeg.


“We got to his office, and Tony told the boy to go and not worry anymore. I met other girls in his office that day, and he took me to where our script was and showed me mine (he singled it out); it was unmarked, whereas he has marked others except mine,” she added.

Furthermore, she explained that “this man told me he wanted to see me before marking it and that I have been avoiding him all these years, and I will explain why I’ve been avoiding him. According to him, he’s heard my name but never really encountered me because I was too smart to try to avoid him.



“This was past 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. This man kept me and the other girls in his office talking, drinking, and being stupid. He made sure I stayed in his office till 6 in the evening and said I was going with him to the staff club (I didn’t know what it was or what they did there). I begged this man and told him that I just come to pick up some materials and was not prepared for any kind of waka. This man ignored me.


“One of the girls there just quietly told me to follow him; they were also going with him, and I did not want to get him angry. I maintained myself because my script had not been marked.”


Miss McQuin disclosed that she is still traumatized by the things Asekhauno made her go through.

She mentioned that he took her to his office, flashed his phallus at her, and demanded she kiss him or he would ensure she did not graduate.


“See, I am traumatized all over again just by remembering.


“Or was it when this man flashed his smelling, dirty little dick at me in his office? Or when this man asked me to call him “Erama” because he discovered his wife came from my hometown and said that’s what they call elders in my place, or whatever that means.



“Or is it when I will save money just to buy this man alcohol so he won’t even think of wanting to sleep with me? Or is it when I almost pay hook-up girls to help me sleep with him so he won’t reason with my side? Or was it when this man tried to kiss me with his dirty and smelly mouth!?

“Or is it when this man will tell me he has slept with almost all the girls in my department and I was nothing special?? Or is it the constant reminder from this man that I can never graduate without his input?” McQuin stated.


The traumatized former student of the institution also urged God to publicly “embarrass” Asekhauno for all the things he makes his students go through.


“Whatever God wants to do on this earth, all I know is that he must punish and publicly embarrass that man called Tony Asekhauno. A bastard man of many fathers,” she added.

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