There are lots of intel about Assassination attempts on my life – LP gov. candidate in Lagos, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour


The Labour party governorship candidate, Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour, has confirmed reports that there was a gunshot incident during his campaign in the Epe area of Lagos state on Saturday, March 11.

There were unconfirmed reports on social media on Saturday that gunshots were fired at the campaign train of the politician in the Epe area of the state.

In an interview with Arise TV this morning, Gbadebo said he was in the community to campaign when some men who were wearing a political party’s campaign shirts obstructed their movement. He said the timely intervention of the police and the DSS who were on his train helped to prevent the incident from escalating. He said;  ‘’There have been lots of threats. We have gotten a lot of intel about potential assassination attempts on my life. Yes it happened in Epe. We had Honorable Wale Oluwo with us and we also hand Honorable Najid of the PDP working with us and they were also shot at in Epe yesterday.


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There was a lot of anger amongst the APC youths that were there because these peopke were wearing greater rising T-shirts so we are not speculating, they were APC.

The idea is we need to move away fom this agberocracy that Lagos state has come to be defined as where it is about violence and vitrol and anger and suppression and intimidation . If you do your job, you shouldn’t have to intimidate people”

On how the incident happened, Gbadebo said ‘’As our convoy was moving, a lot of young men came out and tried to block the road and we couldn’t go in. We had a lot of force with us in terms of the police and it was very important that we did not show any force because what will then happen as they are trying to propangadize a Gbadebo to a Chinedu, they will now say I came in there and I tried to take over Epe and I am using guns. We had the police go in there and try to allay everything. The DSS was also very helpful in trying to neutralize the situation. They did shoot at us and they did try to intimidate us”

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