THE MAN OGAGA BABA by Ede Asenoguan


    Ogaga my brother, my friend, my travel partner and my colleague. I do not know where to start or how to say it. I have been unable to push aside those drilling trips, meetings, discussions, risks and of course good times that we shared especially during the campaigns for the National elections which saw us criss crossing almost all the length and breath of the country consulting and soliciting support.

    You were strong, passionate, dedicated and hardworking. You loved the activities of the Bar beyond any other and you were always ready to give more.

    Why did you bow out so early? Why did go away when you had so much more to render to the Bar family and friends? Why did you take us all unaware? Ogaga, who will call me “OTUTU” the way you did with so much emphasis and power? How was I to know that when I called you that Monday morning that we needed to talk about Sunday and you said you won’t be around, that it was to be a permanent absence? Though I tried to pressure you to make sure you were around and you said we will talk about it later. We never did as you left us on Wednesday. How was I to know that, that was to be our last discussion?

    Ogaga Baba,  your time with us was short, but no doubt it was impactful. I have received calls from all corners of the country asking me what happened to you?  I have no answers to give as I am also at a loss as to what happened. I guess only God in His omniscience nature has the answers. We can only but defer to His will.

    It is so so so hard to accept that Ogaga is no more.  It is painful to say good night. I pray for the peaceful repose of your soul.

    To your beautiful wife, who I know is so fond of you, I say only God, who has promised to be the husband of the widow, can comfort you at this time. I can pray for strength for you to carry on in the interest of the children. That is what Ogaga would wish now.

    To the parents who I only had the privilege of meeting recently, I pray that the God Lord grant you the fortitude to bear the irreparable and irreplaceable loss of a very dear son at his prime.

    To the Nigerian Legal community,  I urge us all to take every day as a possible last day because life is so ephemeral that it can be anyone at anytime. Let’s also pay some more attention to our health as well as physical and mental well-being to prevent avoidable mistakes.

    Adieu my dear friend Ogaga. Rest in the bossom of the Lord till the resurrection morning.

    Ede Asenoguan.


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