The man dies in him who keeps silent when it matters most.


By Chief Malcolm Emokiniovo Omirhobo.

I have painstakingly listened to Prof. Woke Soyiinka’s interviews on the Nigerian 2023 elections and I make bold to say that “The man dies in him who keeps silent when it matters most .” I dare say further that It is most unfair and unholy of prof . Wole Soyinka to come out of the blue to apportion blames .

Prof. kept silent when Inec deliberately refused to upload the presidential election results electronically . He kept silent when Inec breached the electoral Act and it’s own rules and regulations in the conduct of elections . He kept silent when Igbos and those suspected to be Igbos where being threatened by their Yoruba host . He was silent when the Oro rite was performed during elections through out Lagos State to disenfranchise non natives and women . He was silent when Igbos and their look alikes were being attacked by some Yorubas on election day . He kept silent when xenophobic and inflammatory statements were made on Igbos by Bayo Onanuga, Festus Keyamo , Femi Fani-Kayode and many others. He kept silent when APC was using the Nigerian police and other state operatus to suppress Nigerians during elections . He kept silent when elections were massively rigged and democracy made a mess of . In all these if Prof , had spoken a word or two it would have made a world of difference because his voice mattered then not his silence .


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Prof . Wole Soyinka’s out burst on Television and assessment of the state of things and frontal attack on Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed is most unfair and unbalanced . Prof’s position tends to give imprimatur to the stolen mandate of the Nigerian people by an evil and devilish regime . Prof’s silence at this point in time would have been golden than his voice whereas he failed to speak when it mattered most .

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