THE MAN, BARR. IFEANYI OSSAI. By Uchenna Mbaeke, Esq.


Ndi Enugu, times like these are often a good test of people’s character and their determination to succeed. As the Scripture informs: if you faint in the day of adversity, then your strength is small (Prov. 24:10).

The debate is up, as it always rages in every moment-shaping time. Naysayers are having a field day with a plethora of questions bordering on why it should be Barr. Ifeanyi Ossai.

“Who is he?”;
“What can he do?”;
“What has he done?”;
“Where has he been?”;
“What about Mr A (or Miss B who has sacrificed so much for the party?”

The questions are innumerable.

While we cannot disagree with the essence of asking vital questions over such epoch making decisions, anyone who has the minutest knowledge of the man in question will know that it is a daunting task to hear such debates without taking them with a pinch of salt.

Of course, we must address these debates and make our reasons unequivocally clear to all and sundry.

Barr Ossai has proven himself to be a man with a sterling reputation and character. A cursory glance at his antecedents is guaranteed to make any naysayer have a rethink about this illustrious son of Enugu State. At this point, more than ever, we need a Governor and Deputy Governor who not only understand the issues affecting our people, but also have the ability and burning desire to deal frontally with these issues; we need highly competent people who are undeniably the best amongst us.

As we move away from the popular cliché of Deputy Governor being a mere spare tire, I believe the man, Barr. Ifeanyi Ossai, as the Deputy Governor of Enugu State, God willing, will contribute immensely to the success of the administration. He has the integrity, finesse and competence to deal head-long with the challenges that face us as a people.

A graduate of Law from the University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus and the holder of a Master’s Degree from the University of Essex, United Kingdom, Ossai has had an enviable legal career, the highlight of which has included triumphing in various public interest litigations in Nigeria. I am unshaken in my conviction that the man, Barr. Ifeanyi Ossai has the leadership qualities needed to contribute in repositioning our dear state at this time.

I believe everyone has the right to aspire to any height in life, especially in politics. Political leadership is not the exclusive preserve of any person, dynasty or group. However, one of the most admirable things to any society is for them to put round pegs in round holes and square pegs in square holes. A popular saying in local parlance goes: let the man or woman who the crown fits wear it; and I can think of no one more eminently qualified than Barr Ossai to hold the office of Deputy Governor of Enugu State.

Given the humble background into which he was born, most people would never, in their human estimation or judgment, have imagined that Barr Ossai would achieve the level of success that he has, and much more aspire as to become the Deputy Governor of our dear Enugu State. Clearly, this is a function of grace. It manifests in God using ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things.

As friends and colleagues of Barr. Ifeanyi Ossai, we are duty-bound not to succumb to despair or allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by the views of some individuals against the candidacy of this young, brilliant abs noble, gentle man, whose antecedents speak volume and whose track record is impeccable.

Our dear State is blessed with excellent minds who can take our people to the zenith of greatness, and Barr. Ifeanyi Ossai is, without an iota of doubt, one of them.

To every question, we have answers. For every doubt, we can provide clarity. To every approval or affirmation, we have assurances.

Having been blessed with the amiable Barr. Peter Mbah as Enugu State People’s Democratic Party (PDP) gubernatorial candidate for the 2023 election, it is only fitting that our choice of a Deputy should not fall short of the high expectations that our people have placed on us. Therefore, it has become both a moral obligation for us to choose the most competent person for the job. That person is Barr. Ifeanyi Ossai, and the time to make our choice is now.


About the Author:
Barr. Uchenna Mbaeke is a legal practitioner with considerable experience in dispute resolution. He is also a politician with years of public service to his credit. He is the principal partner of Uchenna Mbaeke & Co. A service law firm with head office in Enugu.


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