The Chilling Details of the impunity of the EFCC Benin Zonal Office on Citizen Eze Njoku detained Since the 24th of August ,2021 till date at the EFCC Benin Zonal Office for a Matter he knows nothing about


1.Eze Njoku is an illiterate trader who has a shop in Ontisha, Anambra State ,where he maintains a family.

2.He was arrested by the Fegge Police Divisional Headquarters in Onitsha , Anambra State in ,July ,2021 over a complaint by one Vivian Isioma Okafor over a forex business she had with his brother’s company-Smart Alban Global Investment Company.Eze Njoku is not a director of the Company,neither is he a worker there ,he invested in the forex business just as Vivian Isioma Okafor did .

3.Prior to the said arrest of Eze Njoku, he has never met Vivian Isioma Okafor in his whole life and they only arrested him.because they said his brother is on the run.

4.That Vivian Isioma Okafor boasted to Eze Njoku that even if he died in custody, she does not care as all she wants is her money.

5.That at the Fegge Police Station ,Onitsha ,the IPO,on the promptings of Vivian Isioma Okafor forced Eze Njoku to write an undertaking that he will pay the money collected by his brother’s company in the above referenced forex business, from Vivian Isioma Okafor.

6.That the IPO at Fegge Divisional Police Headquarters and Vivian Isioma Okafor both ,collected the keys of Eze Njoku’s House in Asaba from him in pursuance of the forced signed undertaking and purported to want to sell the house worth about fifty million naira to recover the money and give him the rest .

7.That the IPO at Fegge Police Station and Vivian Isioma Okafor both looted all the Properties,vital documents and fittings in the house worth well over the 18 Million Naira Vivian Isioma Okafor is claiming from Eze Njoku’s brother and brought the keys back to say falsely that the house was vandalized .That the EFCC in the Benin Zonal Office is aware of this fact .

7.That Vivian Isioma Okafor and the IPO at the Fegge Police Station both had all the keys to Eze Njoku’s Apartment as at the time they falsely claimed it was vandalized , where as they carted away all his properties and vital documents , including credentials of one of his brother and the International Passport of another of his brother among many other vital documents.

8.Knowing that Eze Njoku has no connections and influence as she claimed she does ,Vivian Isioma Okafor found a willing ally in the person of the acting Zonal Head of the EFCC Benin Zonal Office ,Nkechi Ude , to take her impunity to an Olympian height and Nkechi Ude has detained Eze Njoku since the 24th of August,2021, till date a period of 18 days with out any court order whatsoever, kept him away from his drugs as he has a life threatening illness that makes him to emit blood from his nose , makes him intermittently very cold and the family is scared that he may die in EFCC Custody .

9.That when Nkechi Ude was confronted by Douglas Ogbankwa of Counsel at about 10:30am on Wednesday the 8th of September ,2021,at the 3rd Floor of the EFCC Benin Zonal Office at 1,High Court Road ,GRA,Benin City , about the illegal detention of Eze Njoku with out any Court Order ,she stated with impudence and insolent glee ,that the EFCC Benin. Zonal Office will detain Eze Njoku for a longer period and Counsel reminded her about the Law on the Matter ,which she waved off with ignominious bravado.

11.That the naked impunity was so strong that Counsel confronted the EFCC Counsel at the vacation Court ,Benin ,where they had attempted to hurriedly get an Ex parte Order after 18 days of the suspect’s unlawful detention to cover their tracts ,but for which they were trailed by Counsel to the Court .They attempted to do this , with out informing the family of the suspect or his Counsel and with out taking the suspect to Court .

10.That their Ex Parte Application was not heard due to some extenuating circumstances ,even as they were forced to bring the suspect to Court by the insistence of the Judge.

11.That there are feelers that the operatives of the EFCC Benin Zonal Office , in CCS 1,are forcing Eze Njoku to plea bargain against his will , over a Matter he knows nothing about , as there is no privity of contract between Eze Njoku and Vivian Isioma Okafor and that his properties are the main catch .

12..That Eze Njoku’s spirit is broken ,he is now less than a man, emaciated ,frail ,sick and depressed ,he is now like a kidnapped victim who is now in a pyschological state known as the Stockolm Syndrome -when you become emotionally attached to your kidnappers .

23.That the Condition for Bail given by the EFCC Benin Zonal Office is that Eze Njoku should bring a Federal or State Civil Servant that is a Permanent Secretary and a House Owner that has a Certificate of Occupancy.

14.That Bail Condition is actually a denial of Bail and the Court of Appeal has stated in the case of Dasuki v Director General , SSS (2020) 10 NWLR PT. 1731 pages 136 -141 ,at page 153,paras. F-A , that imposing civil servants as sureties in Nigeria is against the Public Service Rules and there fore not part of our Laws .

15.That Eze Njoku is a symbol of every victim of official oppression in Nigeria perpetrated with naked state Power and we call on the Federal Government of Nigeria , the Amnesty International and the International Criminal Court to investigate this Matter and bring all those culpable to justice .

Justice for Citizen Eze Njoku

According to Chief Gani Fawehimin SAN of blessed memory:

The Legal Profession ought to be and must strive to remain the dependable bastion of hope ,help and succour ,to the repressed the oppressed and the suppressed in our Society.

-Douglas Ogbankwa Esq. @,
Counsel to Eze Njoku,
Benin City ,Edo State of Nigeria ,
9th September,2021.


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