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The Abba Kyari Story :Nigeria destroying its Best and Elevating its Worst. By Douglas Ogbankwa Esq.

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I have never met Abba Kyari ,but by the benefit of hindsight , he is not an ordinary person .I say this with profound equanimity and deep insight into Policing in Nigeria.If you want to know a character ,you will focus on what he says ,what he does ,what other people say about him and his appearance.

No man is indeed perfect .The United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigations will reckon that the fugitive in the Movie Catch Me If you Can (which is a re-enactment of a true life story bin America ) is now their Agent bursting crimes for the FBI all around the World.They Will not tell you this .

Make no mistake about this -Abba Kyari is Hero in the true sense of it ,just like any hero he may have his hubris ,but one thing you can not take away from him as I have been reliable informed from an unimpeachable source and also from my observation of issues , is his tenacity of purpose ,results, goal getting charm and amiable mien that has bestowed him with an extensive national intelligence network that is akin to a lybarinthe.

My Father -Richard Akudike Ogbankwa of blessed memory was a Police Officer.As a matter of fact ,he was among the best marks men in the Police in his time as he was even an orderly to Prime Minister Tafawa Balewa .He told me an awful lot about the Police .From what I know ,Abba Kyari is actually a magician by his results .

The United States should bury their so called alleged indictment of Abba Kyari .When the United States trained, equipped and funded Osama Bin Laden to fight USSR ,he was labeled a Freedom Fighter ,when he fell out with them ,he was labeled a terrorist.A paradox of conviction.

Abba Kyari is one of our best and he has risked his life and times to burst the most heinous crimes in Nigerian History.He deserves accolades and not reprimand.

My father says :

It is from the “mess” ,you know the taste of shit

We all know what all these traboudor is all about .I say no more .

I take a stand on issues based on conviction ,not caring whose ox is gored.While researching on this article ,I came across an amazing trail of achievements of crime bursting pedigree of Abba Kyari , which in my estimation is unparalleled and worth sharing as follows :

“Awards Of DCP Abba Kyari , Africa’s Best Detective…. .

  1. Africa’s Best Detective Of the Year 2018.
  2. The best Police officer of the Decade Award
    2018 HERO of the year Award by Silverbird Group.
  3. Presidential medal for courage from President Mohammadu Buhari on 1/4/2016.
  4. Triple IGP Commendation Medal for courage 2012, 2013, 2014.
  5. Triple Lagos State Governor’s award for Gallantry, Leadership and Service excellence 2011, 2012, 2013.
  6. Lagos State Commissioner of Police Commendation Award for courage 2011
    Best Anti-Crime Police Officer in West Africa from Security Watch Africa.
  7. Star Award from CRAN 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 & 2017.
  8. Star Award for Outstanding Gallantry In Africa 2018 by Security watch Africa.
    He has led covert operations of many high profile cases that includes;
    • Arrest of Nigeria’s most notorious Kidnap kingpin Billionaire Kidnapper Chukwudumeme Onwaumadike Aka Evans in Lagos State and his Gangmembers,
    • Arrest of the killers of former Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) Air Marshal Alex Badeh ‘rtd’ along Keffi-Gitata Kaduna Road,
    • Arrest of the most wanted Boko-Haram Commander Umar Abdulmalik and Eight ( of his Terrorists gang members,
    • Arrest of Twenty-two (22) Boko-Haram Terrorist gang members responsible for the kidnap of the Chibok School Girls in 2014 and also responsible for series of suicide bombings/several attacks and ambush against Security Agents in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa States.
    • Captured the Most Deadly Kidnapper in the History of Nigeria, Henry Chibueze Aka “Vampire” in Owerri, Imo State and his gangmembers,
    • Arrest of the Deadly Offa Bank robbers that invaded Offa Town, Kwara State and robbed five commercial Banks, the gang also murdered over Thirty-one (31) innocent Nigerians Making it the deadliest Bank Robbery in the History Of Nigeria.
    • Arrest of kidnappers who kidnapped a serving Assistant Comptroller of Customs In Portharcourt,
    • Arrest of a syndicate of kidnappers, armed bandits and their sponsors in Zamfara State, after the gang had kidnapped the twin sisters before their wedding,
    • Arrest of deadly armed robbers and murderers who escaped from lawful custody at the SARS Lokoja, Kogi State,
    • Arrest of deadly kidnappers responsible for the kidnap/murder of Mr. John Iheanacho a staff of Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)/
    President of Eastern Zone Investment Cooperative Society Ltd, in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State,
    • Arrest of suspect responsible for the murder of Lieutenant Abubakar Yahaya Yusuf a serving Naval Officer and his girlfriend Miss. Lorraine Onye in Rivers State,
    • Arrest of deadly kidnappers responsible for the kidnap of two South African Citizens in Kaduna State,
    • Arrest of the Terrorist responsible for the bombing of Kuje and Nyanya towns of Abuja and recovery of primed bombs in the FCT,
    • Arrest of deadly kidnappers responsible for the kidnap of two Americans and two Canadians in Kaduna State,
    •Arrest Of a Notorious Criminal who threaten to Kill the Former Vice President of Nigeria Atiku Abubakar and his Family.
    • Arrest of the kidnappers of elder statesman Chief Olu Falae in Ondo State,
    • Arrest of gang of deadly killers responsible for the killing of several innocent persons in Benue State and recovery of their operational weapons,
    • Arrest of notorious arms and dealer who specializes in selling arms to armed robbers, kidnappers and Politicians in South-West/recovery of over Fifty arms and thousands of life ammunitions,
    • Arrest of the most notorious armed robber in the South-West, Abiodun Egunjobi Aka “Godogodo” in Ibadan, Oyo State, he was responsible for the death of over Five hundred (500) innocent Nigerians & Police Officers,
    • Arrest of the Kidnappers of the Turkish School Girls in Ogun and Lagos States,
    • Arrest of the kidnappers/murderers of Barrister Sherif Yazid along Abuja-Kaduna Express road,
    • Arrest of most the notorious kidnapping kingpin in Kogi State Halti Bello and twenty of his gang members, the gang had been terrorizing Kogi State and its environ for many years, who also kidnapped and murdered one Istifanus Gurama a senior staff of Dangote group,
    • Arrest of more than Fifteen (15) different gangs of kidnappers totaling over Three hundred (300) kidnappers and recovery of over Two hundred (200) AK47 rifles and other dangerous weapons used in terrorizing Abuja-Kaduna-Kano Highways,
    • Arrest of kidnappers/murderers of the Production Manager of Niger Delta Petroleum Resources Limited Mr. Ubani Onyema ‘m’ 64 years old, in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State,
    • Arrest of the most Notorious assassin in the South-west Ade Lawyer and his gang responsible for series of killings in various parts of Lagos State and South-western Nigeria,
    • Arrest of the Kidnappers of Isheri Landlords in Lagos State,
    • Arrest of the Kidnappers of Eighty (80) years old Chief Felix Ogbona in Aba, Abia State,
    • Arrest of assassins and masterminds who gruesomely murdered Mr. Uba Emmanuel aka Onwa in Festac Town, Lagos State,
    • Arrest of kidnappers of Dr. Alex Pepple in Port-Harcourt, Rivers State,
    • Arrest of the Kidnappers of Ikorodu School Girls in Lagos State,
    • Arrest of the Kidnappers of CBN Governor’s wife in Delta State,
    • Arrest of the Kidnappers of Ambassador Bagudu Hirse in Kaduna State,
    • Arrest of the Kidnappers of Serrie Leonian Deputy High Commissioner in Kaduna State,
    • Arrest of the Kidnappers of former Minister of Finance Okonjo Iweala’s Mother in Delta State,
    • Arrest of Niger-Delta militants planning to bomb 3rd Mainland bridge/recovery of arms and explosives in Lagos State,
    • Arrest of Niger Delta militants/notorious Kidnappers and recovery of GPMG, Ak 47 rifles and military grenades in Port-harcourt, Rivers State,
    • Arrest of notorious gang who planned to Kidnap Nigerian billionaire
    Femi Otedola in Lagos State,
    • Arrest of the Kidnappers of Oniba of Iba a first class King in Lagos State,
    • Arrest of kidnappers of Hon. Sani Bello member of House of Reps/representing Mashi Federal Constituency of Katsina State (now late),
    • Arrest of the Armed Robbers/Militants who attacked and robbed Lekki, Ikorodu, Festac and Agbara Banks in Ogun and Lagos State,
    • Arrest of the Kidnappers of the three (3) Orekoya’s Children in Lagos State,
    • Arrest of the Kidnappers of Former Chairman of Ejigbo LGA in Lagos State,
    • Arrest of Killers of Oyo State member of House of Assembly in Oyo State,
    • Arrest of the kidnappers and Killers of Reverend father Adeyi in Otukpo Benue State,
    • Arrest of Kidnappers of Alhaji Salami in Abuja,
    • Arrest of the kidnappers of two (2) ABTI American University of Nigeria Female Students in Abuja,
    • Arrest of the attackers of Nimbo Community in Enugu State and many more breakthroughs that are too numerous to mention.
    • He Fought Armed Robbery, Kidnapping and other Violent Crimes in Lagos State to Standstill during his five (5) years as OC SARS Lagos State from 2010-2015.
    Now he is recording tremendous successes across the Nation as the Deputy Commissioner of Police In-charge of IGP Intelligence Response Team (IRT).
    He is a caurageous officer who believes in T. Blauer’s words “never let fear, pride or ego to dictate your next battle plan”.
    In his many battles with the underworld, he looks at the tenacity, the will, and the indignation that propels his action against them”

With out any prejudice to this subject, I have always been a proponent of making a bad man good and a good man better. Abba Kyari is a good man ,let us not destroy our best and elevate our worst .

About the Author:

Douglas Ogbankwa Esq , @ douglasogbankwa@gmail.com ,a Benin Based Lawyer , is the Co-ordinator of the National Youth Movement for the Actualisation of Good Governance (NYMAGG) and the the President of the Benin Writers’ Society.


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