When , I read in the news that former Chief Of Justice, Tanko’s Children Reportedly Refuse To Vacate Supreme Court Quarters For Successor, Ariwoola 9 Months After Resignation Over Alleged Corruption, I said to myself this is the consequence of the supreme court preference for hollow peace to justice .

Sometimes in February 2022, fourteen justices of the supreme court of Nigerian including our Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN) Olukayode Ariwoola wrote a letter of complaint to the out gone CJN Honourable justice Ibrahim Muhammad Tanko accusing him of financial misappropriety , misappropriation , embezzlement , corruption , mal administration , lack of transparency and accountability etc. which some how found its way to the public space and it became a matter of public interest .

In his much publicised response of 21/6/2022 to his learned brothers complaints, Tanko J bluffed and chided them comparing their move against him to their exposing their nakedness in the market square .


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Irked with the above unhealthy. development at the supreme court , via a letter dated 22/6/2022 , I wrote to the National Judicial Council (NJC) of which Tanko J is it’s chairman under the Freedom of Information (FOI ) Act to within 7 days finish me with evidence of all funds disbursed to the supreme court of Nigeria from 1/1/2019 to date. Via another letter of 22/6/ 2022 , under the FOI Act , I wrote Tanko J as the head of the supreme court of Nigeria to furnish me under 7 day with evidence of how he spent the total funds that he received from the NJC from 1/1/2019 to date .

On 27/6/2022 , exactly sixth day of his receipt of my said letters Tanko J trying to avoid the embarrassment and the rigours of the law suddenly resigned from office as the CJN on the purported health ground .

Sequel to the above , on the same day of Tanko J’s resignation President Muhammadu Buhari in line with the constitution swore in Ariwoola J as the acting Chief Justice of Nigeria at the Presidential Villa . On the said occasion ,President Buhari showering encomium on Tanko J conferred on him the Grand Commander of the Order of Niger, GCON, which is second to the highest honour in the country right before the very eyes of some of his learned brothers of the supreme who could not man up but kept sealed lips by refusing to let the President know that Tanko J is not qualified for such honour .

From thence forth the story line changed as Aworinola J maintained that there is no rift between the justices of the supreme court and there is no problem.

On the above compromise Aworinola J was eventually appointed and confirmed as the substantive CJN.

It is sad that our CJN and his learned brothers choose to pursue hollow peace instead of justice by letting Tanko J off with the payment of all his entitlements . This is sad because the justices of the supreme court are now like gods that cannot defend themselves, making them a joke and their worshippers fools . Imagine the children of the outgone CJN are still in possession of the official residential quarters of the CJN 9 months after their father resigned

It is insulting to the sensibilities and intelligence of Nigerians to have a compromising CJN and other justices of the Supreme Court that cannot defend themselves, stand for justice and uphold the truth. This gives me cause for worry because If the Justices cannot defend themselves how can they defend Nigerians?

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