See How Scammers Steal Your Data,Your Money and Forces Listen in on Your Calls


-By: Douglas Ogbankwa Esq.

Have you ever wondered , why your huge data finish in days , with out you using the quantum of data you subscribed for.This is why:
My Fellow Nigerians Please Dial 12700# to see people sharing your data and use 12702*the number sharing your data#, to disable them from sharing your data.It will shock you to know those sharing your data with out your consent, some of them are very close to you .

It is actually data theft which is a Cyber crime , according to the Cyber Crime (Prohibition, Prevention ), Act 2015, a Federal Law .


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To avoid your data being shared , put a pass word on your phone and do not remove your password for anybody, no matter how close the person is to you .Also do not leave your phone unattended to , with any body no matter how close .Tell them it is private .

Be also be very careful , for them not to use your phone to generate a One Time Password (OTP) , to transfer money , from your account , to their accounts and delete the alert.Same can be done with a USSD or even your Bank App .This is usually done by girlfriends or boyfriends you trust , while you are sleeping .There are many smart thieves among those you call girl friends and boyfriends, some husbands and wives , even do the same.You will never suspect them and they will clean up the evidence by deleting the sms, email and even app alert .It is only some one very close to you that can access your private dataInternet Fraud or Theft comes from within your circle or family*.When you suspect your money has gone down , with out you making any transaction , kindly check your statement of account.They can not delete that .

*Also Use *#61# to check if your number is being tapped and use ##002# to disable your phone being tapped by security agents or your loved ones*. This is very important as it it wss tapped it will compromise your safety. Most I phones are on auto tapped voice calls .That is to say they may have been pre-hacked before sales and you can not delete the hacking on i phones , but you can do so , on androids.

Use 5600# to get your BVN save your BVN on your email and not your phone .Let your email have a separate pass word , from that of your phone. For safety of your data.Do not leave the last six digit of your ATM on your phone , because , if your phone got missing , they can set up your bank app with it and take all your money.

Be very careful.People closer to you are those that have access to your phone.
Have a Policy, “I do not give my phone to any body”.It could even save you from even unnecessary police troubles .That is an article for another day.This article is inspired by true life experiences.I owe this info to the Society.

About the Author:

Douglas Ogbankwa Esq., @ , a Benin Based Lawyer and Cyber Security Enthusiast , is the Convener of the Intellectual Hub, Security Situation Room and the President of the Benin Writers’ Society.

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