Sarumi Challenged Odinkalu to Bring Out Contrary Evidence Against Usoro

Paul Usoro, SAN
Paul Usoro, SAN

Sarumi Challenged Odinkalu to Bring Out Contrary Evidence Against Usoro

Dimeji Sarumi is challenging Prof. Chidi Anslem Odinkalu for spreading false story against Paul Usoro SAN and has asked him to produce evidence that Paul Usoro bribed a judge of National Industrial Court, Justice Agbadu-Fishim.

Paul Usoro, SAN
Paul Usoro, SAN

Sarumi in his statement said the act of Prof Odinkalu is a total falsehood all in the name of soiling Usoro’s hard-earned reputation and to discredit him.”

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In his statement, he asserted, albeit falsely, that Usoro is charged with having bribed a judge. Usoro is never charged with any bribery offense or any charge whatsoever and he’s not on trial before any court of law. Chidi should provide any evidence to the contrary.

Chidi also alleges that Usoro “admitted to bribing a judge”. This is also total falsehood all in the name of soiling Usoro’s hard-earned reputation & to discredit him. There’s nowhere where Usoro ever admitted “bribing” a judge. If he admitted such, we all know that he would have been slammed with criminal charges & facing the music by now. But none of this is being done.

When the issue of Agbadu-Fishim came up. Usoro indeed made a statement to EFCC that years ago, before his Lordship went to the bench, they were both colleagues & friends in the communication sector. Upon his appointment as a judge, when he lost his mother, he requested for his financial assistance, which he gave me as a friend.

There’s no law in Nigeria that says a judge can not receive gifts. The law only says a judge shall not receive gratification/gifts for the purpose of peeverting the cause of justice or to influence the judge. Usoro made a statement to the EFCC & backed up with verifiable evidence that he has never appeared before NICN (where Agbadu-Fishim presides/presided) nor before Agbadu-Fishim himself. Hence there’s no motive to influence the judge with the gift or pervert the cause of justice.

You wonder why EFCC couldn’t put Usoro on trial? It’s because the agency was satisfied that no law was broken by Usoro in any way.

If no Law was broken why did this Chidi then write this falsehood? Your guess is as good as mine: Chidi is out to soil Usoro’s name and deprive the Bar with Usoro’s leadership qualities, vision to turn the Bar around for good, laudable plans to ensure that all legal practitioners’ interests are well catered for by Usoro’s leadership.

Usoro is a very hardworking man, a perfectionist with interests of people at heart. I know this because I had worked with him for over seven (7) years. I’m not saying he’s without flaws. No! He has his flaws as does every human being. But to tag him as corrupt? That’s not Paul! I’m proud to say there’s nothing he’s put his hands on/in that he doesn’t succeed. He always succeeds because he’s result-driven!

I challenge Chidi to bring out contrary evidence.

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