Dear Colleagues,

By a letter dated 28th September 2022 and received on 30th September 2022, the Honourable,
the President of the Court of Appeal has requested the Nigerian Bar Association to recommend
suitably qualified persons, for consideration for appointment to the Court of Appeal Bench, to
fill the present and imminent vacancies.
The slots available for nomination are:
(a) Two (2) slots for the North-Central geo-political zone
(b) Three (3) slots for the North-East geo-political zone
(c) Five (5) slots for the North-West geo-political zone
(d) Three (3) slots for the South-East geo-political zone
(e) Two (2) slots for the South-West geo-political zone
(f) One (1) slot for the South-South geo-political zone.
Members of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) who are suitably qualified and are interested
in applying for appointment to the Court of Appeal Bench, are enjoined to submit expression
of interest to the National Secretariat of the NBA on or before the 5th day of October 2022. All
correspondences should be addressed to:
The President
Nigerian Bar Association
c/o Ayodeji Oni, Esq.
Head, Legal Services Department Nigerian Bar Association
National Secretariat
Plot 1101 Cadastral Zone A00
Central Business District
All expressions of interest should include the following attached thereto:

  1. 1. A copy of the applicant’s Curriculum Vitae,
  2. 2. A copy of the applicant’s Call to Bar Certificate,
  3. 3. Evidence of payment of Bar Practicing Fees (BPF) as and when due, for the past 10 years,
  4. 4. Evidence of payment of NBA Branch Dues as and when due, for the past 10 years,
  5. 5. Evidence of attendance at Conferences of the NBA,
  6. 6. Evidence of membership of Sections or Fora of the NBA,
  7. 7. For legal practitioners in private practice, certified true copies of at least 5 Judgments
  8. delivered in contested cases conducted by the applicant in the 5 years preceding 2022,
  9. 8. A letter of good standing from the Chairman of the applicant’s Branch confirming that he
  10. or she possess the qualities set out in Rule 4(4)(1)(a), (b) and (d) of the National judicial
  11. Council Guidelines for the Appointment of Judicial Officers for Superior Courts of
  12. Record.
  13. For the avoidance of doubt, these qualities are reproduced hereunder:
  14. “In all cases:
  15. a) Good character and reputation, diligence and hard work, honesty, integrity and
  16. sound knowledge of law and consistent adherence to professional ethics;
  17. As may be applicable:
  18. b) Active successful practice at the Bar, including satisfactory presentation of cases in
  19. Court as a Legal Practitioner either in private practice or as a Legal Officer in any
  20. Public Service;
  21. c) …
  22. d) Credible record of teaching law, legal research in a reputable University and
  23. publication of legal works…”
  24. Upon receipt of the expressions of interest, the National Secretariat shall publish the names of
  25. the interested candidates and request comments thereon from members of the NBA.
  26. For further enquiries, kindly call Ayodeji on the following phone number: 0803 345 2825.
  27. Mr. Yakubu Chonoko Maikyau, SAN
  28. President


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