pushing more children from school due to insecurity may eventually result in an unprecedented level of chaos.Peter Obi warns


Former vice presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, Peter Obi, has warned politicians of looming chaos in Nigeria before 2023.

Obi advised political leaders not to be blinded by their quest for power ahead of the 2023 elections but focus on solving problems of the country, adding that Nigeria is gradually collapsing under the weight of insecurity, banditry and corruption.Obi, expressing worry over the increasing security in Zamfara State, warned the government that pushing more children from school into the streets due to insecurity may eventually result in an unprecedented level of chaos if nothing is done.

According to him, the closure of about 7000 schools in the North clearly spells danger for the country.When asked about his plans for 2023, Obi stated that fixing the problems of Nigeria is more important to him than any political ambition in 2023.The former governor said: “This country is going through very difficult times. Thousands of schools are closed in the North. Kaduna alone, as I heard, has about 5000 schools shut down. So the whole of North together may have about 7000 schools shut down.“This is happening at a time Nigeria has the highest number of out of school children.

“Our focus should be on how to get these children back to school. We are living in a time when the ‘biggest oil’ or national treasure is education and human capital development.”Obi called on the Federal Government to create a safe learning environment for the students to return to school.He urged politicians to stop focusing on the 2023 presidential election and salvage the nation from looming chaos as a result of insecurity.


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