Prominent Legal Scholar, Professor Theodore Okonkwo Endorses Tobenna Erojikwe for NBA President




    In a significant development for the upcoming Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) presidential election, Professor Theodore Okonkwo, Ph.D. (Law), has publicly endorsed Tobenna Erojikwe as his preferred candidate for the position of NBA President.


    Afam Osigwe

    Chukwuemeka Mbamala

    Chukwuemeka Mbamala


    The endorsement, released ahead of the July 2024 election, highlights Erojikwe’s qualities and vision for the legal profession in Nigeria. Professor Okonkwo, a respected figure in the legal community, praised Erojikwe’s integrity, honesty, and humility, describing him as someone who “believes that IT IS NOT RIGHT UNLESS IT IS RIGHT.”


    According to the endorsement, Erojikwe is not merely seeking the presidency for personal gain but has a clear mission for the legal profession. Professor Okonkwo emphasized Erojikwe’s track record in various positions and appointments, suggesting that these experiences have prepared him well for the role of NBA President.


    “TOBENNA EROJIKWE is a great candidate! He has the qualities and demeanor to pilot the affairs of NBA,” Professor Okonkwo stated in his endorsement. He went on to describe Erojikwe as “not just our usual ‘I want to be NBA President’ man,” implying that the candidate brings a fresh perspective to the role.


    The endorsement also touched on Erojikwe’s reform agenda, with Professor Okonkwo stating that a vote for Erojikwe would be “a YES to proactive and pragmatic reforms in the legal profession in Nigeria.” This indicates that Erojikwe’s campaign may be focused on bringing significant changes to the NBA and the broader legal landscape in the country.


    Professor Okonkwo’s endorsement carries considerable weight in the legal community, given his standing as a renowned scholar in the field of law. His support for Erojikwe is likely to spark discussions among NBA members about the future direction of the association and the type of leadership needed to address the challenges facing the legal profession in Nigeria.


    As the race for the NBA presidency heats up, Erojikwe’s campaign, bolstered by this high-profile endorsement, is expected to focus on his vision for reform and his track record of service within the legal community. The coming weeks are likely to see increased debate and scrutiny of all candidates’ platforms as NBA members prepare to cast their votes in this crucial election.


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