PROJECT 60: 60: 60. – By Onochiengwu Obuna, Esq.

Onochie Obuna, Esq.

PROJECT 60: 60: 60. – By Onochiengwu Obuna, Esq.

Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Sir Ahmadu Bello, Great Nnamdi Azikiwe
Came together and molded our independence, libration leeway
They came from tribes in Western, in Northern and in Eastern area
Conceived the midwife of birth of Geographical area called Nigeria
They labored hand in hand in one Trinity to put us on the right way
Cocoabean bags swam into and crossed the oceans of Western Region
Groundnut pyramids stood taller than mountains of Northern Region
Bleeding palm trees soaked and watered Wise Planes of Eastern Region
Nigeria stood, soared like eagle above Nations upon tripod agronomy
In our very old glorious buoyant days of agro bouncing economy

Now some say Nigeria is ill fated, ill conceived contraption
That Nigeria is ripe for revolution, restructure, emancipation
Some say Nigeria is now in debt, on death row of failed State
To others Nigeria is richest oil milking corrupt Estate
To others Nigeria is their divine opportunity to rule.
Some say Nigeria is a glorified Zoo for the best fool
To them Nigeria is worse than the worst Animal farm
To some Nigeria is a golden opportunity to hack, harm
Nigeria is deepest at Blue Ocean as into deep blue sea
If you want Nigerian Devilish men of God, you will see.

1 have picked up my fountain pen, fiery mystic fighting pen
To fight for defense of defenseless children, men, women
Butchered or raped by atavistic cowardly Devilish Herdsmen
To fight for those beheaded or shot by useless Gory Bokomen
Moving from the Northern to the Western, to the Eastern Region
Heartless beast who massacre in the name of God or Religion
Devil’s men who destroy priceless hand work of God
Which they waste in thousands and dump in open mud
To be feasted upon by common scavengers and flies
Despite their heart touching pleas and mercy cries.

I have drawn a very mighty fierce battle line
I have given high heavens open coded sign
To rain down Holy Fire, Sulphur and Brimstone
To rain down Holy Fire, Sulphur and Living Stone,
Let Bloodsuckers know no peace as they fight for breath
They must die many times before their violent death
For those who kill defenseless people with AK47
Must surely die most miserable violent death 24:7,
Let Bottomless Pit welcome their condemned souls
Where they are chained in torment in Hell poles.

The lawless who waste the innocent in glee with sword
Are never never true friends of the Almighty God,
We are all equal in the eyes of the laws of the land
And none shall ever be harassed with a wave of hand,
Oh God! You forever in highest Heavens enthroned
Help us have hypocritical violent politicians dethroned
Enthrone upright Leaders as a blessing to our Nation
And grant us permanent and everlasting love solution
In your infinite mercy, grant us real peace and unity
And bind us forever in progress as invisible entity.

We once boasted at United Nations of having excess money
That Nigeria is like Biblical land flowing with milk and honey
That Nigeria is wonderfully and richly blessed by Almighty Allah
But mischief makers gave birth to war, Ijogbon, Nsogbu, Wahalla
We must at all cost eschew another form of BLOODY CIVIL FIGHT
True Muslims and true Christians, all are true children of The LIGHT
We need to restore potent not corrupt and impotent Governments
In all six geopolitical Components for lively and potent developments
We must sincerely co exist as a necessity in our multicultural diversity
At diamond age, Nigeria needs mature economy with political sagacity.

©  Onochiengwu Obuna, Esq.
Political Science Department
University of Nigeria Nsukka
08036767229, 08132665665

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