The  International Anti-Ccorruption Day is observed annually on December 9 to raise awareness against corruption and the measures that can be implored to fight it. The act of corruption, which exists in all forms of societies, is considered a threat to democracy by the international community.

The Anti Corruption Day 2021 is a reminder as well as an opportunity to address the issue which impacts every significant structure and the lives of people. The International anti-corruption day 2021 sheds light particularly on the problems persisting in the bureaucratic structures of the countries which in turn impacts the functioning of every institution.
As a Branch of the Nigerian Bar Association , NBA Bwari Branch  is committed towards the struggle towards a better Nigeria for all .

Particularly advocating for a Nigeria where the rule of law is at the core of every facet of governance and society. Unfortunately,  we observe with great displeasure  that impunity and the looting of Nigeria’s commonwealth continues to be the order of the day . This has had a consequential effect on the standard of living and even the security of the average Nigerian . This assertion is backed by the steady decline of Nigeria in the world corruption index released by Transparency International in 2020 which ranks Nigeria as 146 out 180 .

The state of affairs can longer continue , as the fight against corruption seems to be based on the personal conviction of individuals charged with leading this struggle . This strategy is clearly not yielding results as the perception of Nigeria as a corrupt nation globally continues to be worsen . NBA Bwari  Branch has always maintained that the only way to tackle corruption in Nigeria  is to build strong institutions  anchored on observance on the rule of law free from nepotism and favouritism .

We urge all Nigerian’s to key into this year’s theme  of  Anti-Corruption Day ‘’ YOUR RIGHT , YOUR ROLE SAY NO TO CORRUPTION ‘’ . This is particularly apt as same  highlights the fact that the fight against corruption is  a collective responsibility of all Nigerian citizens and not that of the government alone .
God Bless Nigeria
God Bless the Nigerian Bar Association
God Bless NBA Bwari Branch
Monday Adjeh                                                             Paul B Daudu
NBA Bwari Chair                                                       Chair Anti-Corruption Committee , NBA Bwari


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