Press Release by the National Executives of The Federal Langtang Old Girls Association (FLOGA)


Press Release by the National Executives of The Federal Langtang Old Girls Association (FLOGA)

Press Release by the National Executives of FLOGA (Published by 12noon, 31st October, 2017)


There has been a lot of furore raised by the recent publication made by The Cable Newspapers about the pimping of students by a security guard at F.G.G.C Langtang.

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The EXCO would like to state the following:

  1. Rumours of pimping of students at the school were rife and got to a head early last year, 2016. Several efforts made by the EXCO to investigate, including engaging with the former Principal proved abortive as there was no substantiating evidence to prove these claims.

Subsequently, the EXCO approached the leadership of USOSA with a report of the rumours and obtained their commitment to investigate. USOSA worked with the undercover journalists at The Cable and the publication is a result of their investigative efforts.

  1. While the investigation is inconclusive and stopped short of actually indicting anyone directly, the story has thrown up quite a number of issues too grave to be handled with levity. FLOGA has been in touch with the school authorities and the Principal, Mrs. Laura Dogo, has constituted a high powered panel to investigate these claims. Being a mother herself, she is appalled at the claims and will do all that is in her power to get to the bottom of things.
  1. FLOGA wishes to reiterate her unequivocal support for the girl child. Having conducted a walk during her AGM, which held recently, to create awareness and drum up support for victims of domestic violence and child rape, the EXCO are aghast that such an issue should even come up in the first place. We therefore will continue to work with the authorities and push for far reaching investigations into this matter. If the claims are substantiated and any person or groups of persons are found culpable, then the full force of the law must be brought down upon them.
  1. In keeping with our drive to #breakthesilence, FLOGA wishes to commend those amongst us who have come forward to share their experience. We do not condemn anyone. In fact, we welcome others to speak up if indeed they have had a first-hand experience of sexual harassment while in school. Anyone with concrete evidence of pimping or any such activity in the school should please come forward. Each case will be treated with the strictest confidence and identities of victims protected.

Please call or text the National Welfare Officer – Mrs Uduak Oludemi – 08098765425

  1. The EXCO would however crave the indulgence of everyone to refrain from sensationalizing the issue. Let us allow the authorities to do their work while we continue our advocacy, monitoring the situation and pushing for the enforcement of laws and policies that protect our children from sexual harassment and abuse.
  1. Other issues thrown up by the publication including the state of infrastructure at the school and security will be addressed in a separate release.

Thank you

Signed: On behalf of the National EXCO; Sotonye Edohore (Apiafi), National P.R.O.

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