PDP acting chairman: Zoning not Nigeria’s problem — we need president who can tackle hunger


Yemi Akinwonmi, acting national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), says zoning the presidency is not Nigeria’s current problem.

Over the past few months, the debate on the zoning of the presidency ahead of the 2023 elections has heightened, especially among political party stakeholders.

Speaking on Monday in an interview on Channels Television, Akinwonmi said Nigeria needs a president who will show commitment to tackling the country’s problems.

“Zoning is not the problem of Nigeria, particularly at this hour of the day. The problem of Nigeria is to search for a true Nigerian who is ready to lead by example; who is ready to do things that will allay our problem of hunger, problem of economy, problem of banditry — all problems — and solve everything; who will return Nigeria to the comity of nations,” he said.

“Zoning has never been a problem. You remember that in Nigerian history, there was a zoning that gave Muslim-Muslim ticket and we all unanimously voted for that. So, zoning is not a problem. Where a person comes from is not a problem. What Nigerians are quarrelling with is corruption and indecent behaviour.”

Commenting on the legal suit that might hinder the party’s October 30 national convention, Akinwonmi said “genuine” PDP members will not take the party to court without exploring conflict resolution mechanisms.

“PDP is a threat to many parties. These litigations coming up and down are works of our enemies. A genuine PDP [person] will not venture to take the party to court whereas there is a section in our constitution which says you don’t resort to court or unless you avail yourself of all opportunities to see redress within the party,” he said.


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