Obidient tsunami is a wind of change
It’s strength no Jupiter can manage
It’s blowing off Nigeria’s length and breath
Rocked, swallowed political foundations of Nigeria
Overlords are seized of economic breathe
Obidient tsunami upturned fortunes in every area.

Obidient means goodness in character
Obidient is Competence and Capability
Obidient is Confidence in Credibility
Obidients are never jested or rejected
Obidients are ever tested and trusted
Obidient Mantra is the overall Master.

Youths are obidient for Obi Peter
Youths are obidient for Mbah Peter
Peters are two of a kind
Peters are of a clean mind
Peters are people’s genuine Generals
Peters are ejusdem generis Generals.


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The Peters stand taller than Others
The Peters are solid solid Rocks of refuge
Corruption can never push them to derail
Evil Geniuses can never against them prevail
The Peters conquered all forms of subterfuge
They are leading All to the promised Land
Competence, Capacity, Credibility is the magic wand
That changed low morale to high expectations
Promised everlasting economic implementations
Low level life, poverty will take marching Orders
When Governor Peter takes Oath Of Immediate Effect
Rape of Democracy mares Peter President Elect.

©️ Onochiengwu Obuna Esq.

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