NTERPOL Apprehends Three Nigerians who Allegedly Scammed 50,000 People

The suspects

NTERPOL Apprehends Three Nigerians who Allegedly Scammed 50,000 People

On Wednesday, the 25th of November 2020 INTERPOL reported an arrest of three cyber criminals whose names are yet to be disclosed.

The three suspects where apprehended following their connivance in Cyber crime.

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Sadly these three suspects have been able to swindle government and private companies in more than 150 countries for the past three years.

However the International Criminal Police Organisation (INTERPOL), Group-IB a cyber security company and the Nigerian Police Force after a long thorough investigation final got hold of them.

The statement released by INTERPOL reads as follows;

The suspects are alleged to have developed phishing links, domains, and mass mailing campaigns in which they impersonated representatives of organizations. They then used these campaigns to disseminate 26 malware programmes, spyware and remote access tools, including AgentTesla, Loki, Azorult, Spartan and the nanocore and Remcos Remote Access Trojans.”

These criminals used these programmes to pervade the companies of their preys (victims) before instigating scams and syphoning money.

According to INTERPOL the cybercriminal gang have been operating since 2017. The Cybercrime Director of INTERPOL, Craig Jones affirmed the establishment of a “criminal business model” and also noted that this criminal gang still has its members on the loose. He added that these criminals are so skilled and very good at manoeuvring with different techniques.

The INTERPOL said the examination of the gang’s operations discloses that they focus on mass email campaigns disseminating popular malware strains under the guise of obtaining orders, product inquiries, and even COVID-19 aid impersonating legitimate companies

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