By Chief Malcolm Emokiniovo Omirhobo.

Mustapha Babai, Minister of State for Agriculture President Muhammadu Buhari’s representative on Saturday 8/ 1/2021 at the national prayer session for the country organised by the Kano State Government said that Nigerians need to seek divine intervention for God to bring an end to insecurity and other challenges ravaging the country.

I differ , because in 2015 when President Buhari was campaiging for the position of the president of Nigeria he touted himself as an experienced ex Army General and not a spiritual leader who if elected will put an end to the insecurity in Nigeria which was then at its infancy stage . Many Nigerians believed him and voted for him on that bases . But unfortunately and regrettably today the insecurity in Nigeria has grown into an uncontrollable hydra-headed monster because of the incompetence , cluelessness , unpatriotism , nepotism, clannishness , bigotry , deceit and dishonesty of the President Buhari’s led government .

If President Buhari had told Nigerians that he was going to solve our insecurity problem via divine intervention , I am sure he would not have secured the votes of Nigerians . Nigerians did not vote for a spiritual leader , they voted for an executive president and commander in chief of the armed forces .

Mr President and his enablers must stop.playing on the gullibility of the people using religion as a tool . To me this approach is lazy , sacrilegious but hypocritical . I feels bad when men sit down in the house of God and tell fat lies and still keep a straight face .

The way forward is for the government to inter alia stop wasting public funds organising prayers seeking God’s intervention to solve our insecurity problems . The government must stop handling terrorist with kit gloves . Equip and motivate the Nigerian police and army to enable them discharge their constitutional responsibilities, Arm the Nigeria public with the necessary fire arms to help them defend themselves to complement the efforts of our security agencies .


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