The President of the Nigerian Bar Association, Mr. Olumide Akpata, has this afternoon announced the fully activated health plan that the NBA has for its members.

In an email sent to all lawyers, the President noted that “Last week, we achieved a significant milestone in NBA’s agenda to improve on the health and wellness programme for our members… and I believe that it is an opportune moment to clearly outline to you the various plans that we have put in place, under our “Project Wellbeing”, to ensure that our members have access to good healthcare”. He then went on to outline the various measures that have been put in place by the Association to cater to the health needs of members and to support those with medical challenges.

As announced by the NBA President, the plan which is being implemented under what the NBA has code-named “Project Wellbeing” includes:The NBA-NHIS Health Insurance Scheme which was finalized last week at Abuja with the NHIS and under which the NBA will pay the health insurance premium for 1,000 lawyers selected from all the 125 branches of the NBA as part of the pilot phase. Other lawyers who wish to benefit from NBA-NHIS scheme may do so by paying a hugely negotiated annual subscription fee already negotiated by the NBA to cover comprehensive healthcare;The critical ailment insurance cover under which, separate from the NBA life insurance scheme, members whose ailment qualify as “critical ailment” as defined under the NBA insurance policy with Leadway will receive N1 million towards their medical expenses;Accidental medical expenses cover of up to N60,000 to cover initial costs of treating a lawyer involved in an accident; Free telemedicine access with licensed medical doctors who will provide initial virtual consultations for lawyers who may not want to go into the hospital in the first instance; and The establishment of a N100 million Medical Health Fund with a seed capital of N10 million from which funds will be applied to support the medical needs of members who cannot benefit from the NBA-NHIS scheme, or whose ailments do not qualify as “critical ailment” under the insurance policy.

While conversations around some of these have been ongoing for some months now, it is heartwarming that the entire processes have been completed and that lawyers can now continue to take advantage of these commendable healthcare plans of the NBA for its members. The detailed statement from the NBA President is set out below….


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