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Home Interviews Nagging Wife Cannot Keep Husband for Long – Ogunnote

Nagging Wife Cannot Keep Husband for Long – Ogunnote

Bukky Ogunnote

Nagging Wife Cannot Keep Husband for Long – Ogunnote

Bukky Ogunnote is a veteran actress who has put so much in the growth of the Nollywood industry. She has used her talent to solve numerous problems of people out there, through the characters she plays on screen. Bukky is one of the major characters in the new series “Alagbara”, powered by StarTimes .She plays the part of a stubborn and powerful woman, according to her; Alagbara is a must-see movie by everyone because there lies the solution to many marital issues.

Bukky Ogunnote

Can you tell us about this new series “Alagbara”

It is a pleasure working with Salami family. When I was called to come and work on the project I was glad because Oga Bello is a mentor, a father, I believe in him and I totally trust his judgment. The role I was given is totally different from who I am, so, it was a great challenge and that’s what I’ve always looked forward to doing. He gave me the opportunity and I grabbed it. I can tell you with confidence that “Alagbara” is unique on its own, I’m very sure you have not seen a thing like this before. Talking about his choice of StarTime, I want to say he made a very good choice because StarTime is more affordable and easy for the masses.

If you look at the issues in the society today, you will know that all problems start from home. A good leader out there today must be a good manager at home before he can perform very well outside. “Alagbara” shows the weakness in some men, it shows the extent women can go to bend a man.

What character did you play in the movie “Alagbara”?

My character is totally different from the roles I have been playing before. I played the role of a stubborn woman, a woman that gets angry at every little thing, a strong woman that wouldn’t let her husband have peace at home. When a woman nags too much it pushes the man into the arms of another woman out there.

How relevant is “Alagbara” series to today’s politics?

It shows that if you want to go into politics, you must have the support of your wife because behind every successful man there is a woman. Some women are only there to destroy a man’s dreams and you can agree with me that a terrible leader is a product of who he is at home.

According to your role, your husband is a victim of domestic violence, what advice do you have for men who go through domestic violence?

Anyway, there is no need to leave your marriage, what matters in every marriages is the fear of God. Couples with the fear of God will always put God first in everything they do. Sometimes you need to play along and show more love to your wife because love conquers all things. I won’t advise a man to leave his home or marriage, especially because of the children, the separation of parents affect the upbringing of the children, but if it involves physical violence then finding an“escape route” is the answer. Please, run for your life, step aside for the meantime.

What step do you think parents should take to avoid child molestation?

It is very simple, you can’t give what you don’t have. If you are not disciplined, you can’t train your child to be disciplined. I cite myself as an example, I can never let my child go out half naked because I am always well dressed, I am a mirror that people look at as a celebrity. I would not snap a nude picture in the bathroom and send it to a man. So, you can’t do it in my house, always let your children dress well at all times because they can only be addressed according to the way they are dressed. We must teach our children morals.

What do you think should be the punishment for a serial rapist?

For someone to be a serial rapist means the person is an abnormal human being. For a father to sleep with his own child then everyone should understand that he is sick in the head. Taking life out of him is not the best solution, that man needs counseling, that person should be taken away for sometime, away from everyone, he should be seriously counseled and be sure he is changed before releasing him back to society.

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