Military warns retired generals against betrayal


The Chief of Defence Staff, CDS, General Lucky Irabor, has advised retired Generals in the Nigerian Army and equivalent services to avoid disparaging comments about the armed forces that made them after serving for 35 years, saying such amounts to betrayal of the service.

General Irabor spoke Saturday at the regimental dinner night organized by Army headquarters for 62 Generals made up of former MNJTF Force Commanders, former GOC’s, former Corps Commanders and former Principal Staff Officers, among others who have been retired from the Nigerian Army.

They made up of 24 Major Generals and 38 Brigadier Generals.


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The CDS said, “You should be good ambassadors of the Army where you have served. If there are challenges you are in a better position to appreciate them and know how to help to propagate and sell the army in good light. It will be to the benefit of the service, to the nation and to us still serving.

“To pass cynical comments or uncomplimentary comment’s about this job that we have done and still doing, is like a friend betraying a friend to other people. They (people) will like it and appreciate you for betraying your army. But afterward, they will know you are not to be trusted. They can’t trust you again.

“You can’t be here for 35 years and tomorrow morning you are talking bad about the army. It means you are talking bad about yourself. Generals I know wouldn’t do that. But then they say, we can’t talk about others who have not risen to this rank. Though this event is held at Army headquarters for the generals, but this message is not only for the generals, it is for all parameters of the Nigerian army.”

He commended the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen Faruk Yahaya for hosting the retired generals noting “I am aware such regimental dinners are being held for Colonels and below in the divisions and formations and even four soldiers at their formations”.

Appreciating the generals for their service to the nation, General Irabor said, “We are here to thank you, to acknowledge and appreciate your contribution and your sacrifices to your fatherland as you retire. Before retiring as generals of the Nigerian army you’ have spent at least 35 years to the country. You have operated and traversed across the gamut of our country and the theaters of operation, sometimes even across the boundaries in other theatres outside our nation. For example, we remember we have been to Liberia, Sierra Leone. We have been to other countries where we contributed to security of this world. And many of you were there, and you delivered very successfully.

“You were also here in the country, in various theaters where you equally delivered very meritoriously. On account and acknowledgement of that you have risen to the enviable rank of Major Generals and Brigadier Generals as it is. So for me, this is a celebration of life and to appreciate and thank you happily, in this noble profession of the arms.”

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