There are many ways to guarantee success in any given legitimate endeavour, especially a professional one such as law.  One of them is to study the nitty-gritty of what is required to excel in that endeavour. Another is to study the lives and trajectories of those personalities who have excelled in that endeavour – the obstacles they had to surmount, the opportunities they took advantage of, the breaks they enjoyed, and the lessons they learned along the way.

For any lawyer desirous of doing both, a pair of books have come at just the right time. The two books: ‘THE TRAJECTORY OF EXCELLENCE: INSIGHTS FROM LEGAL EXPERTS’ and ‘THE DYNAMISM OF LAW AND PRACTICE, ‘.edited by legal guru,  Mike Igbokwe, SAN,  offer practical lessons for those who desire to succeed in the challenging but rewarding world of law. They also offer real examples as well as debunk some erroneous stereotypes about the practice of law and more importantly, some of it’s most accomplished practitioners.

igbokwe’s books are an invaluable addition to the collection of aspiring and established lawyers alike. Here, the author discusses his motivations and expectations in penning the two volumes, and how readers can benefit from them. 


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A: It was written to inspire lawyers aspiring to attain excellence and greater heights in law practice, through the compelling success stories of Senior Advocates of Nigeria.

Q: What are the core ideas of the book?

A: Every lawyer intending to be successful must imbibe the core values of the profession, listed by each Learned Senior Advocate.

1. Knowledge is cumulative. Research skills must be developed. 2.  If you want to go far, go together.

Q:  Why should anybody read the book?

A: It is the first of its kind, compiling the experiences of Senior Advocates from the six geo-political zones of Nigeria. It serves as a reference point for every lawyer, in one’s pursuit of excellence in law practice and will enable one strive to attain and maintain distinction in law practice.

Q: What will the reader  learn?

A: The read will learn the what, when, why and how Senior Advocates of Nigeria attained excellence in the legal profession.

Q: Let’s talk about THE DYNAMISM OF LAW & PRACTICE IN NIGERIA. Why was it written?

A: It was written to serve as a practical, enriching and enlightening manual and a point of reference for lawyers in their legal journey. It is also a means of promoting the growth and development of law practice in Nigeria.

Q: What will the reader learn?

A: The reader will gain knowledge and experience in different areas of law, ranging from civil and criminal litigation, arbitration, court proceedings and Judgements, law firm establishment to land disputes and resolution.

Q:  Why should anybody read the book?

A: Fourteen of its seventeen chapters were written by Senior Advocates of Nigeria who have been through the thick and thin in the legal profession and have garnered experience and knowledge that reflect the ideal practice of law.

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