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Home Interviews MARCELO BOMBAU - Building a Global Network Among Lawyers

MARCELO BOMBAU – Building a Global Network Among Lawyers

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A national of Argentina, Senor Marcelo Bombau leads the mergers/acquisitions and media/ entertainment departments of his firm. He has worked on a number of important transactions, participating actively in some of the most important reorganizations and company purchase deals carried out in Argentina during the last decade, especially related to the media and entertainment areas. The mergers and acquisitions field has been at the core of his activities, as he gives advice on difficult negotiations and participates actively in due diligence processes, negotiations and structuring of complex businesses. A graduate of the Universidad Nacional de La Plata in his native country, Mr. Bombau is a member of the board of directors of several local companies – usually representing foreign investors. He has received distinctions in several publications, and has himself written many articles in his area of expertise, as well as lectured widely in Argentina Republic and abroad.

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A proud member of the Colegio de Abogados de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires and the American Bar Association, Bombau currently serves as chair-elect of the Section of International Law, the Hispanic National Bar Association and the International Bar Association.


After a visit to Nigeria few months ago, Marcelo Bombau decided to share with us via internet some wonderful moments of his career, Excepts:


Tell us little about your growing up and what inspired your studying law?

I grew up in Argentina and in the USA. I returned to Argentina at the age of 13 and continued my studies here. I was inspired to study law by a “romantic” view of the world and the injustices that arise from discrimination and lack of equal opportunities. I thought I could contribute somehow and the practice of law seemed a good way to do so.


Why did you choose to be an International Business Lawyer instead of litigant?

I was in fact a litigant but it really wore me down. I was exhausted and felt that each case was my own. I could not have done more for my clients in court but it really affected my nerves and my health. That is why I moved to the business world where doing international deals was more rewarding although probably more stressful but in a way it did not affect me directly.


Is there any collaboration between the ABA and the IBA that is uncommon among Bar Associations?

There are many collaborative initiative between both. There are many points in contact and each association has its strong points. For instance, while ABA is the world´s largest legal voluntary organization, the IBA has the international agenda at the forefront of its activities. In many ways we complement each other.

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As a highly experienced practitioner in the Section of International law, how did you get top of the line training in International Law practice?

Through my US based colleagues and clients. I have learned a lot over the years from them and much of my international legal practice comes from that experience.


In this Noble Profession, tell us about the briefs that gave you your big break?

Opportunity is sometimes a train that only comes by once. I have grasped every possible opportunity and most of the times not being sure if it would work out. My big break through came from a deal in which the acting attorney simply dragged his feet and was not responsive. This person was also hard to get along with. As a result the client decided to switch firms and they landed with me. This client came out to be my most important client for over a decade.


Was there any contract that really demanded your attention but paid little?

Many! Sometimes it is a question of investing time and hoping for the better. More often than not the ultimate result paid off.


You seem to have abandoned the media and entertainment area of the law. Why?

Lets say it is dormant for a while. The fact is that due to the Argentine economic and legal situation there are not that many deals going on. In any event, being a small world I am always in contact with the media and entertainment business segment.


What should a young lawyer do to find a suitable place to start their Law practice?

Get their arms around each issue. Nothing is to be taken lightly. An international perspective through an LLM and language capabilities also help.


Tell us, how do you think young lawyer can pursue a career in International Business law?

After studies in international law are finished, an internship at an international law firm in Nigeria or abroad is the starting point.


Do you have any different perspective about the practice of the law profession?

The practice of law differs greatly form jurisdiction to jurisdiction. This being said, there are some basic universal principles that are applicable everywhere and which –form my perspective- are becoming more and more important.


There are legal principles in every country of the world. Can you share with us that of your country “Argentina”?

The basic principles coincide with the rest of the civilized world. Specifically in relation to Argentina I would highlight principles such as respect for human rights, diversity and inclusion. Democratic principles are strong here while due respect of the Rule of law (especially in contract law) needs to be reinforced.


Before taking a case, what are the things you consider?

Who the client is and what the expectations are. I always review to see if there is an easier, more cost and time effective way to solve the issue before going to court.


Tell us about the ABA TECHSHOW 2015?

It is the presentation of the newest developments made available to legal practice (time recording, billing, case presentation, case law, etc)

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What are the expectations of attendees at the conference?

The Techshow is usually part of the ABA Annual Meeting so attorneys get to see how the ABA works, showcase programs on multiple topics and the Techshow.


How do Nigerian lawyers in the information technology get registered and be part of the conference?

They would need to register online. That applies to any applicant from any country of the world.


What is your unending memory of your last visit to Nigeria?

The hospitality of my Nigerian friends. Its very wonderful and I won’t forget it in a hurry. And Owerri is a beautiful city also.


Would you like to visit again or establish a business in Nigeria?

Visit, definitely. A business is truly a far shot but one never knows….

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Finally, kindly tell us a summary of your social life, your family and more importantly, if any of your children have taken after your profession?

“With respect to my social life, I am 55 years old and am going through a second marriage. I have a total of five children, none of whom have taken after my profession. I truly wanted them to be free at heart and to decide for themselves rather than be pushing them to become an attorney. I truly believe that this is such a fundamental and decisive call in life that it was only fair for them to have a free choice”


We really thank you for sharing some precious moment with the Newswire Law and Events magazine.

You are welcome.


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