Man hospitalised after Lawless soldiers shoot him for parking beside company


A commercial driver, Bolaji Sunday, has been hospitalised after two yet-to-be-identified soldiers allegedly shot him for parking his vehicle at the front of the Oriental Transport Company around Magboro Bus Stop, in the Obafemi Owode Local Government Area of Ogun State.

It was gathered that Sunday left his residence and drove to the location to meet someone who wanted to connect him with a customer. When he got to the front of the company reportedly guarded by soldiers, Sunday parked his vehicle.The driver was said to be on his way to meet the person that wanted to connect him with his customer when the leader of the soldiers challenged him for parking at the spot.

As Sunday was trying to give an explanation, the two soldiers demanded the key to his vehicle and ordered him to sit in a gutter. Upon realising that the driver was still explaining his reason at the location rather than complying with the order, the soldiers descended on Sunday and shot two tyres of his vehicle.

In a desperate attempt to protect his life, the driver, while writhing in pain on a sickbed at the Real Divine Hospital in the Ibafo area of the Obafemi Owode LGA, he started running, adding that one of the soldiers allegedly shot him at the back.

He said, “I came out on Saturday to meet the person that will give me the number of the customer I was to carry on Sunday. So I parked my vehicle at a location around the Magboro Bridge. I was going to meet the person when the commander of the soldiers asked why I parked my bus at the location and requested my key. He later told me to sit inside the gutter.“I did not steal anything; I was just waiting for my customer. But before I knew it, they started beating me with a belt.

When I tried to hold the belt, they broke my windscreen and shot two of my tyres. I quickly jumped down and started running away for my safety but the soldiers shot my back and I fell inside the gutter.“While in the gutter, I started calling for help but no one came to my rescue because they were afraid. It was later that a driver, who was travelling to Ibadan, Oyo State, helped me. The driver brought me out of the gutter and drove me to the hospital. They shot me in the back and arm; the bullet penetrated through and came out from the other side of my body.”

While assessing Sunday’s condition at the hospital, it was observed that he looked pale with bandages tied around his neck and chest. Also, about six drip containers were hung beside him.Sunday’s wife, Oluwatosin, who expressed sadness over her husband’s condition, said despite her husband’s pleas to the soldiers to allow him to drive the vehicle away from the location, they refused and allegedly shot him.

She said, “My husband just wanted to collect the number of one of his customers at the location where he parked his vehicle. But the soldiers came out suddenly and asked him to sit in the gutter.“I wondered what he did wrong; he pleaded that they allow him to drive his bus away from there but the next thing the soldiers did was to burst his tyres. It was when my husband made an effort to run away that the soldiers shot him. The soldiers also destroyed his windscreen.”

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