It’s not true DJs are poorly paid – DJ Venum


Aletor Jordan Obehi a.k.a DJ Venum has disagreed with the widely held opinion that Disc Jockeys are not well paid for their services.

Chatting with Potpourri, the Esan, Edo State-born entertainer and an alumnus of Yaba College of Technology said, “It is neither false nor true, it actually depends on how you package yourself to people. I have seen DJs that charge one million Naira per set, while I have also seen DJs that charge 100k per set. It is a function of whether you are a corporate DJ or a random DJ.”

DJ Venum, who is also a sound engineer and a resident DJ at Bogobori and Roma Lagos, added that it is about packaging and how you know your craft, giving his own tips on how a DJ can up his game.


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“As a DJ ,if you can’t package yourself, you will find it hard to convince your clients about your fees. Some DJs are poorly paid because they have bad management or no management at all. As a DJ you need to convince your client that you are the hottest in the game.

“There are some clients you will bill and the next thing they would want to do is run a background check, if truly you are worth your salt. One of the secrets behind topping up your craft and fees is to post more of your live shows or content on social media. Try to be creative, relevant and stay in the trend.

“Furthermore, having a strong and reliable brand is one of the keys but if you are just starting up,it would really be hard to charge higher fees. First, you need to let people know you as a DJ by running free shows/events. These were the steps I took when I first started as a DJ and it really paid off. Get a team that will be ruining your socials, finances and marketing,” he explains.

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