Immediate Past Chairman of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Nigeria Branch, Chief Gbola Akinola SAN, C.Arb, Endorses Tobenna Erojikwe for NBA Presidency




    In a significant boost to his campaign, Tobenna Erojikwe has received a strong endorsement from Chief Gbola Akinola SAN, C. Arb, a distinguished legal practitioner and arbitrator, for the presidency of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA).


    Chief Akinola, a Partner in ‘THE LAW UNION’ and the immediate past Chairman of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Nigeria Branch, expressed his support for Erojikwe in a compelling statement, praising his leadership qualities and vision for the NBA.


    “Tobenna Erojikwe gained my admiration when I watched him seamlessly navigate, with candour, unusual calmness, and a great sense of respect, the echelons of the premier branch of the Nigerian Bar Association with near perfection,” Chief Akinola stated. He emphasised the importance of aligning competence and excellence with respect in the legal profession, qualities he believes Erojikwe embodies.


    Chief Akinola, who brings over three decades of experience in Corporate and Commercial Law practice, highlighted Erojikwe’s commitment to driving change within the NBA. “Tobenna has shown commitment in his manifesto and also at fora that I have participated in to lead the drive and harmonization of human and intellectual resources of NBA to bring about change,” he noted.


    The endorsement from such a respected figure in Nigeria’s legal and arbitration circles adds significant weight to Erojikwe’s candidacy. Chief Akinola’s extensive experience, including his roles as a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, member of the African Arbitration Association (AfAA), and board member of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce International Arbitration Centre (LACIAC), lends credibility to his assessment of Erojikwe’s capabilities.


    In his endorsement, Chief Akinola expressed confidence in Erojikwe’s ability to translate his vision into action, stating, “Tobenna is most likely to walk the talk as president of the NBA. I endorse his candidacy.”


    As the NBA election approaches, this endorsement from one of Nigeria’s leading arbitrators and legal practitioners significantly influences the race, swaying undecided voters and reinforcing Erojikwe’s credentials as a candidate capable of leading the NBA into a new era of excellence and relevance.


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