I’ll fill in the leadership gap’ — Isaac Ositelu declares interest in 2023 presidency


Isaac Ositelu, businessman, has expressed interest in running for president in 2023.

In a statement issued on Saturday, Ositelu said if citizens must be rescued from the “perpetual master-slave stranglehold of the very manipulative politicians”, voter education must be carefully planned and integrated into the electoral mobilisation process.

While calling on Nigerians to participate actively in the process of deciding who will emerge as their leader, the presidential candidate of the Accord Party (AP) in the 2019 presidential election, said the current escalating insecurity and economic downturn will be a thing of the past if he is elected president.

“Youths and women should no longer accept to be willing tools in the hands of incredible politicians whose only interest is to use and dump them,” the statement reads.

“The Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), the political parties and other stakeholders in the electoral processes must heighten the public enlightenment campaigns on the virtues of citizens’ active and positive involvement in the election of leaders that would serve the overall good interest of the country and its citizens.

“Nigerians must look beyond party politics in electing leaders since most of the current political parties have betrayed the trust of the electorates.

“Nigeria is one of the countries with the highest resources across natural deposits, human capital and natural talents as well as political wisdom. With the diversity of its resource base, large expanse of land and body of water and skilful labour and talents in different fields of human endeavours, Nigeria has no business struggling to stay afloat in its economic performances and political stability.”

Ositelu said as a professional in the engineering field, “he is prepared to fill the leadership gap bedevilling the nation by providing reliable, trusted and tested leadership for Nigerians home and abroad”.

He added that “sincerity of purpose, fear of God, intelligence, discipline, astute leadership, hard work, dedication and commitment to governance structure are the necessary virtues required to lift Nigeria out of the socio-economic and political mayhem”.


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